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  • What is the difference between Visa lottery and green card?

    I have received notification from Kentucky Consular Center to inform me that my family won the visa lottery for 2010. Before I mail associated forms back to the States, I would like to know:-

    (1) It is said that if we pass the interview, we need to move to USA certain due date. Does it mean that we should move and stay in the USA as residents or can we just fly to USA and get the immigrant visa then fly back to my origin country?

    (2) As I know, many of my friends have green card. They still stay and work in the home country, instead of USA. What is the difference regarding rights and obligations between "Green Card" and the Visa I won in the visa lottery program?

    Your valuable information will be highly appreciated.

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  • 浴室地板用金鋒石該如何保養

    我的淋浴間是用深金鋒石當地板, 使用不到兩個月就因為洗完澡後, 殘留的水漬產生地板灰灰白白的, 請問除了要我當菲佣每天晚上將淋浴間地板擦乾之外, 還有沒有其他的辦法可以解決我的問題? 或是有沒有什麼其他可以利用的清潔濟在不傷害石材本身的前題下讓我定期清乾淨呢?

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  • 請問10歲小女生最喜歡什麼樣禮輕情意重的禮物?

    愛心志工要送禮物給原住民小朋友, 她說想要球鞋, 可是又沒見過對方, 不知道size(很難買耶..)

    想問問大家, 10歲小女生喜歡什麼樣禮輕情意重的禮物(500元以下)


    比如說 : 文具是指什麼樣式(Hello kitty? or what?)以及什麼功能的文具?


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