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  • 國際包裹或者國際航班行李托運注意事項




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  • How to write logically?

    I am writing my thesis. I am afraid if I could express myself well

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  • Please help with my English. I am a foreign student.?

    Please help me with my writing as follows, is it grammaticaly correct? In what way I can express my idea better

    In my point of view, it is not a big deal about who brings bread home within a family. Because it depends on the personal interests, working ability, current healthy situation and many other factors of each individual.

    Living in a society based on industry, possibilities are giving to women to compete with men both with their wealth and power. Under these circumstances, to live a happy life requires both man and woman to shake off of their traditional conventions. Keeping an open mind, always trying to understand and respect each other and having sufficient and effective communication so as to build a harmony family should be our ultimate goal.

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