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  • Windows won't start video card disabled?

    Hi all,

    The only way to start my windows is to disable my video card. I have already looked at the BIOS setup, what not, fiddled around with other settings and system restore, and the problem is my video card. I now need to go into safe mode to disable my video card, in order to start windows..



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  • How do I get gemstone accessories off a cellphone?

    How do I get gemstone accessories off a cellphone?

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  • If I'm allergic to alcohol?

    Hi, if I'm allergic to alcohol, do i HAVE TO stay away from it? =(

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  • College standardized test?

    Hi, I've immigrated to Canada 10 years ago and has been here since. Do I still have to take the TOEFL test to study outside the country? On the admissions of most of the school websites, it says as required for the English test. I thought this would apply to countries' first language which is not English.


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  • what can canada offer to an foreign investing company?

    According to the title.. I'd like to know more details about Canada, resource assets.. etc. to offer for an investing company (foreign).

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  • Wifi & phones..internet access question?

    Through phones without wifi, access through internet will have to cost by phone plans. Phones with wifi = no cost for internet access? ..or costs on wifi?

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  • Canada - sex and jailbait?

    Looking at a case for psychology class.

    The girl is 16 years old turning 17, the guy is 30 years old.

    Is it legal to date/have sex?

    At least what age does the girl have to be to not count as jailbait?

    Any other countries will accept this?

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  • how to address while sending a card?

    i want to send a card to a friend at his company's address. should i address it as his name? or the company's name? ex.


    xxx internet avenue

    zipcode city country


    Bob the great

    xxx internet ave.

    zipcode city country


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  • Guitar help - choosing guitars for traveling?

    I want to buy 2 guitars: 1 electric, 1 acoustic-electric just for traveling, got better gears at home. Here are some choices I've found:


    1. Epiphone Les Paul Special II

    2. Epiphone SG-Special Electric Guitar

    Acoustic- electric:

    1. Epiphone AJ-100CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

    Any other suggestions? I live in Ontario Canada so I hope the company will ship to canada.

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    Plzz need help!

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  • 急~~~~~~~~~~風雲演員表!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    演風雲 雄霸天下的演員...........




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  • 英文段落介紹~請解釋!!!!

    “This thing the cellist was playing would stay with him, he knew, and waited for the musician to finish to congratulate him and ask him what it is. The cellist gave the instrument a spin and opened the back of the case, taking out a black case. “Song without Words”, he read off the tape…”

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  • 風雲問題!~~倚樓聽風雨 但看江湖路 是誰寫的

    倚樓聽風雨 但看江湖路 是誰寫的?

    倚樓聽風雨 但看江湖路 是誰寫的?

    倚樓聽風雨 但看江湖路 是誰寫的?

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  • –倚樓聽風雨 淡看江湖路–愛上風雲!


    is joshua an idiot or no?

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  • When they say "legal drinking age.."

    When people say "LEGAL AGE TO DRINK IS (whatever the age of the country is)" , does that mean it is the age to BUY the alcohol? or to DRINK it?

    I'm quite confused cause alot of people whom do not meet the legal age is drinking. Does it become legal when the person is supervised?

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  • 所有日韓中洋”作曲”歌手

    不管是甚麼音樂風格,我想要的名單是90年代到現在的"所有" 華語,日語,韓,洋 - 創曲歌手..不是創詞的喔!!


    註: 功課要用..~

    嘿嘿 Jay倫 可以不用寫^^''


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  • California - high school questions?

    Moving to California this summer from Canada.

    In grades 9 & 10 (in canada) I've been credited for:

    English 9 English 10

    Math 9 Math 10

    Science 9 Science 10

    History 9 History 10

    Tech 9 Business 10

    Music 9 Vocals 10

    Choir 9 Computers 10

    Right now these credits are from the system in Toronto, in which I've covered most of the compulsary and some electives. I was wondering how many credits I will be granted for the California system, and if there are extra credits such as march band or music band.

    Thanks with appreciation.

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  • Ear piercing & Aloe?!?

    Can I use aloe gel to clean my pierced cartillage?

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  • Dior - No-age Essential Progress Refining Lotion?

    Please help me figure out what category this thing is under.;jsessioni...

    ex. lotion, or toner, etc.

    My mom bought it for me a while ago and I find it working quite well, but I have no idea how I'm suppose to ask that in a sentence.


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  • Business course - presentation on a corporation?

    I am doing a presentation on the phamacy drug store corporation (Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada). I have finished the poster, cover sheet, and overall facts sheet. I am ready to do my script for the presentation, but I don't have enough ideas.

    How could I make my presentation interesting with facts such as how many stores there are, the numbers of employees, etc.? I also plan to put in charties and donations the company has made.

    Any suggestions would be helpful!


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