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  • (急)請求西班牙文的一段翻譯,謝謝!

    客戶寫信來看不懂,請翻成中文, 愈快愈好~謝謝!

    Muy senores mios:

    El motivo de la presente es para indicarles que el envoi deben hacerlo via maritima y nuestro expedidor es:

    Sin otro particular, le saluda atentamente.

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  • Questions about bussiness M.S. programs?

    What are the schools have "Hotel Management" or "Marketing" M.S. programs?

    And what are the programs/schools I can study for anything relates to business management without working experiences?

    Has anyone heard of the cases that getting admissions for MBA program without working experiences?

    I will be graduating next year and I am thinking about grad school. But I don't really have any full-time experience. Please give me any advises you may have.

    East Coast and top schools prefered!

    (especially in the area near D.C.)

    Thank you very much!!

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