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  • 一段英文 感覺好像是諺語 請幫我翻譯~

    Conflict of interest: No conflicting interest declared.

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  • 請幫我翻譯~~英文專題內容~

    whether they are a poor illiterate farmer in India or

    an affluent educated lawyer in Australia

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  • 請幫我翻譯~~英文專題內容

    are in no position to dictate the practices of healthcare

    providers. Additionally, patients enter into a

    relationship of trust with healthcare providers. If

    they did not trust the person they were consulting,

    then they would be unlikely to consult them. If a

    healthcare provider assures the patient that the

    needle and syringe is ‘sterile’, then the patient is

    likely to accept the judgement of the trusted expert


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  • 請給我關於auto-disable syringes的資料~

    請給我關於auto-disable syringes的資料~~越多越好^^



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  • 請大大幫翻譯 專題的英文~~

    Campaigns to make patients more informed consumers

    of healthcare services are worthy

    請不要用翻譯軟體 ~~謝謝

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  • 翻譯 專題的一段英文 謝謝~

    Even if auto-disable syringes can

    be purchased for the same price as standard needles

    and syringes and the logistics of distributing them in

    remote areas overcome


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  • 關於專題 翻譯 謝

    SIGN promotes three key strategies for achieving injection safety:

    1. Behaviour change among patients and

    healthcare workers to decrease injection overuse

    and achieve injection safety; 2. The availability of

    necessary equipment and supplies; and 3. Safe

    management of sharps waste

    我的語文造詣不好 請大大們翻譯~~^^


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  • 請問unsterile代表的是什麼?

    做專題 unsterile這個詞我不懂



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  • 請問neurobehavioural代表的是什麼??


    看似一個專有名詞 請明白此英文意思的大大幫忙解答~

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