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  • 請高手幫忙翻譯~翻的口語化的~不要線上翻譯機的那種!!

    Google goes from Web to Webster's

    "Google" will be included in the 11th edition of the Merriam – Webster Collegiate Dictionary to be published later this year.

    Defines as a transitive verb, "Google" – with a small "g" – means "to use the World Wide Web". As in "Let me Google that".

    Becoming synonymous with an invention may hold a certain amount of historic glory for a company, but branding experts say Google risks losing trademark status and protection if it becomes part of everyday speech.

    Other words to be added to the dictionary include "mouse potato", referring to someone who spends a lot of time using computers, and "spyware" or software installed on computers without the user's knowledge.

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  • 請高手幫忙翻譯~翻的口語化的~不要線上翻譯機的那種!!

    Company sues YouTube over website name confusion.

    A Us pipe manufacturer is suing Internet phenomenon YouTube claiming confusion caused by the online video giant's web address has wrecked its own website -- .

    According to The Smoking Gun website a lawsuit filed by Ohio-based

    Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment alleged that surfers seeking were paralysing the firm's site by navigating to it in error.

    Smoking Gun said over 70,000 visitors seeking videos were making hits

    on the company's site, causing servers to crash regularly and driving up bandwidth

    costs from 100 to 2,500 dollars a month.

    Universal Tube, which has owned the address for the past 10 years,

    wants the video site -- bought by Google last month for 1.6 billion dollars -- to

    cease using its web address.

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  • 請幫忙翻譯一下這段英文~~

    Citybank Singapore launches biometric payment service

    Citybank on Wednesday launched a new fingerprint authentication payment service that lets its credit card customers pay for goods and services with a touch of the finger.

    Touted by the company as the world’s first biometric cardless payment service for credit card transactions, the service technology from San Francisco-based biometric authentication vendor Pay By Touch.

    Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, Jonathan Larson, CEO and country business manager of Citibank Singapore, said the service provides customers with greater payment convenience as well as added protection against card fraud.

    Holders of the Citibank Clear Platinum Card no longer need to present their plastic card when paying for purchases. Instead, cardholders simply press their finger to a biometric scanner and key in a seven-digit “Personal search Number”.

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