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  • Water enema addiction?

    Can I still become dependent or addicted to water enema if I use it daily AFTER a normal bowel movement? I have no problem with constipation, and I am only doing to make things less messy during anal sex. I plan on using a 2qt enema bag filled with warm drinking water with a small amount of salt. Would this be safe?

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  • PSP 3007 5.03版現在買的到嗎?

    請問PSP 3007 5.03版或以下的現在還買的到嗎?


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  • How does Norton and other software keeps track of time?

    How does Norton and other software keep track of the time that has passed even after the user changes the system's time?

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  • Anyone here play Dream of a Mirror Online?

    Hi all, anyone here play Dream of a Mirror Online? Its a pretty unique MMORPG, since you can try out several different classes at the same time. The game also has pretty good graphics and community for a free mmo.. you can check out the game here

    So, any body here plays this game?

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  • Shaking tooth?

    Last week, I got into a bike accident, and I think there was a small impact on my front tooth during the crash. At first, it hurts and shakes only when i touch it. Now, it doesn't hurt anymore, but it still shakes a little when I try moving it with my fingers. I've already have an appointment with my dentist, but he had me scheduled till this coming Thursday..

    So my question is, will it be too late to save my teeth if I have to wait till Thursday? And what are some of the things I should and shouldn't do to prevent my teeth from falling off?

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  • What genre is this song? [link included]?

    Youtube thumbnail

    and are there any other song that have a similar feel to this music?

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