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  • 懸賞20點文法問題~高手請進=0=

    Here are 4 questions with answer keys, give more details on the

    answers and why to each question. State the reason why the phrase is incorrect in each question. The replier who provides satisfactory

    information gets the bonus.

    1)I'm so happy (to report) that the annual report to the board,which Jameson compiled (it) by himself,

    (shows) a fifteen percent growth in production and a (wider) profit margin.

    The incorrect phrase is (it), why?

    2)(Limiting) the number of full-time employees who we have to pay benefits for (them), and using (more) part-time

    people (should reduce) expenses considerably and increase profits.

    The incorrect phrase is (them), why?

    3)(I) don't think it (would be) (harder) to keep control on production if we move some plants out of the country (that)

    to leave things as they are.

    The incorrect phrase is (that), why?

    4)All of (us) would like to see (the world) (in which) we don't have (hunger,war,or disease.)

    The incorrect phrase is (the world), why?

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  • 請問飛機失事賠償(撫慰)金賠償對象

    假設 先生A有一名老婆與一名16歲女兒還有先生A的雙親



    狀況1: 飛機事故純屬意外

    狀況2: 人為疏失

    請問飛機失事賠償(撫慰)金賠償給家屬 而家屬是指誰?

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