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小弟我在墨爾本留學現在 17 歲有問題歡迎加我 (MSN) (EMAIL) (Myspace)

  • 絲綢之路所帶給西方(文化)的影響

    1. 絲綢之路所帶給西方的影響。

    麻煩各位了 如果可以的話順便幫我回答一下

    2. 四大科技發明為西方所帶來的衝擊。

    3. 中國思想和文學對西方學者的影響。

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  • 張騫通西域對絲綢之路的影響

    如題 希望以人可以跟講一下張騫是如何帶動絲綢之路的發展

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  • 孔子(思想)對西方文化的影響

    如題 麻煩大家了!




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  • 海賊王/航海王 最新賞金; 根據 ?

    請問誰有最近海賊王的賞金 ?


    ‧Luffy: 1 億 ‧Zoro: 6000 萬 ‧Robin: 7900 萬

    請問最近更新完 (Enies Lobby 過後)

    會改成怎麼樣呢 ? 請要有根據 謝謝!

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  • C++ 疑問 請幫 翻譯&解答

    能告訴我中文的意思以及解法 謝

    1. Mark the following statements as true or false.

    a. An identifer can be any sequence of digits and letters.

    b. In C++ , there is no difference between a reserved word and a pre-defintifier.

    c. A C++ identifier can start with a digit.

    d. The operands of the modulus operator must be integers.

    e. If a=4; and b=3; then after the statement a=b; the value of b is still 3.

    f. In the statement cin >>y;y can only be an int or a double variable.

    g. In an output satement, the newline character may be a part of the string.

    h. The following is a legal C++ program:

    int main ( )


    return 0 ;


    i. In a mixed expression, all the operands are converted to floating-point numbers.

    j. Suppose c = 5. After the statement y = x++; executes, y is 5 and x is 6.

    k. suppose a = 5. After the statement ++a; executes, the value of a is still 5 because

    the value of the expression is not saved in another variable.

    2. Which of the following are valid C++ identifiers?

    a. RS6S6

    b. MIX-UP

    c. STOP!

    d. examl

    e. SeptemberlLecture

    f. 2May

    g. Mike`s

    h. First Exam

    i. J

    j. There

    3. Which of the follow ing is a reserved word in C++?

    a. int

    b. long

    c. Char

    d. CHAR

    e. Float

    f. Double

    4. Circle the best answer.

    a. The value of 15/2 is:

    (i)7 (ii)7.5 (iii)7 1/2 (iv) 0.75 (v) none of these

    b. The value of 18/3 is:

    (i)6 (ii)0.167 (iii)6.0 (iv) none of these

    c. The valu of 22 % 7 is:

    (i)3 (ii)1 (iii)3.142 (iv)22/75

    d. The value of 5%7 is:

    (i)0 (ii)2 (iii)5 (iv) undefined

    e. The value of 17.0/4 is:

    (i)4 (ii)4.25(iii)4 1/4 (iv)undefined

    f. The value of 5 - 3.0 + 2 is:

    (i)0 (ii)0.0 (iii)4 (iv)4.0

    g.The value of 7-5*2+1 is:

    (i)-2 (ii)5 (iii)6 (iv)none of these

    h.The value of 15.0/3.0+2.0 is:

    (i)-3 (ii)3.0 (iii)5 (iv)none of these

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  • Deb Ball 是什麼? 是女生邀男生去嗎 ?

    我現在人在 Australia ;

    這裡 Year 11 (17歲生日是在 Year11 過的)

    (現在我是 Year 10)

    我知道明年有個 Deb Ball.

    我也很想去 ; 但我很想知道



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  • Graphic Calculator 大約多少錢 ? 去哪買

    Graphic Calculator 大約多少錢呀 ?

    去哪兒買 ?

    最高等的有什麼功能 ?

    普遍的可以做些什麼 ?

    好想知道 麻煩幫我解答一下

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