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  • Who knows the name of this movie?

    There is a movie--- the little girl was died in the hotel's elevator, and they found the little girl was killed by her sister. Is there anyone knows this movie by such few details...pls help, tks.

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  • Look for one movie name?

    Hi there, I would like to ask one movie name, I think it's over 10 years. The movie described the man is working for his father as the black-and-white movie composer, but he doesn't like the way what his father trains. So he quited and find a job in sanatorium, then he met a old man (black) who plays the saxophone and later he knew the old man was a great jazz saxophonist. He also fell in love with one lady during this period.....that's all I can remember. Please help if anyone can recall this movie name. Thank you.

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  • 韓劇真愛ON AIR 對話內容疑問

    在韓劇真愛ON AIR某一集裡,有天張基俊煮了海帶湯,帶到編劇徐英真家裡給她補. 後來編劇和她的助理解釋為什麼每次電視開播後,張代表就會帶海帶湯來,然後張代表和編劇說了一段話: 手指有十支,腳指也有十支,心臟很健康.....



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