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  • Where can I learn pop/jazz dance in Atlanta?

    Any good pop/Jazz dance work shop to go in Atlanta, GA? Something like America's best dance crew--Kaba Modern....

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  • Where to learn dance from Kaba Modern?

    I love Kaba Modern and wanna learn dance from them. Do they have regular dance class in California or anywhere across the country? thanks for informatiion :)

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  • How's the cost of living in New York?

    I may move from west coast to east coast...

    I've heard that the cost of living in NY is pretty high...

    But I have no ideal how high it is...would anyone give me a specific example such as:

    1.Apartment (ex: crash pad)

    2. Grocery (gerneral cost a month)

    3. Transportation (if take subway to work)

    4. Gas, heater.....

    Anything you think it's necessay expenses you can add up....

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  • Hello Linkin Park's fan! going to their concert in Las Vegas?

    Anyone who's Linkin Park's fan going to their show at Hard Rock, Las Vegas on March 6 or 7, 2008 ?

    Where can I get a lower price ticket?

    What's your favorate song?

    Anyone 's been their tour and concert?


    (Yeah! Linkin Park you ROCK!

    Love you Chester your voice's amazing!!

    Love LP you guys!! (sorry I'm crazy for them :P)

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  • Looking for room/ apartment in Las Vegas...?

    Looking for apartment or room for one person in Las Vegas.

    Where is safer and not too far from the airport? And with resonable price? Where can I look for the renting infos?

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  • Looking for room/apartment in Las Vegas.?

    Looking for apartment or room for one person in Las Vegas.

    Where is safer and not too far from the airport? And with resonable price? Where can I look for the renting infos?

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  • Question about airline background check (employment history)?

    I'm applying airline job as a FA. And I'm going to go to a final interview. I'm an immigrant and I'm wondering how do they do the background check to my origin country?

    I don't worry about the criminal or DUI check cause I never have. I have a healthy life style (no smoking, no alcohol....)

    I concern about my employment history. I had job with a company with financial problem. I quit after two month (and other coworkers too) I'm a responsible person and I always want a stable job. But I never have a fair treatment job in my origin country. Always overwork and underpaid. But I don't want to bring any negative work experience while interview.

    Anyway, how do the airlines check immigrant applicant's background or even call their former boss to their origin country ? Do they do very detail check?Or they just check from homeland security's immigration document?

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  • 台灣是否有就業年齡歧視的問題而政府又無法可管?





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  • 薏仁湯要怎樣煮才會好吃又健康?




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  • Flight attendant's questions about cost of living....?

    If the 1st year flight attendants make around 1300 a month, and mostly their domicile are big cities. Is there gonna be a problem to be able to afford the cost of living??

    Another question, if a FA are getting married, will they have time to arrange the wedding since they're gone from home so much....

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  • 該如何選擇呢...?(工作問題...)

    來美國一年多,從未有過一份正職. 因為和老公住的地方實在是超級偏僻,工作機會少得可憐,幸好沒有小孩的負擔.

    最近在剛好有一位亞裔女性朋友想要開亞洲料理的外帶小生意(只有take out),她若開張了勢必會缺人,她也希望雇用我,也說"如果有賺錢"會幫我辦理保險.

    她快四十了,想創業但第一次當老闆,雖然我們有絶對的市場(這裡方約200公里沒有其它亞州料理的店),但還沒開張也不確定生意會如何, 她只希望我出人力,薪資是分紅,所以如果生意好會賺錢,她有去做一下市調,可能是因為沒有人會做中式餐才一直沒有類似的店,因為這裡幾乎沒有亞洲人口

    有一天我們的社區有中式buffet的晚餐,是找外地某一家人來煮的,目的是幫學校募款,光一晚就賺4000美元,淨利2500美元,(後來那錢都用在我先生的美術課材料及陶藝機器了) 感覺上亞洲料理在美國還是都很受歡迎的,因為美味又健康.



    到時我該如何選擇呢? Play safe or take a chance.......?





    若分帳怎麼分才公平?(她出 生財器具 我出人力)


    (And 謝絶廣告也不要跟我推銷算命,謝謝!!)

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  • 怎樣才能增加部落格的人氣呢?







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  • Question about flight attendant training cost....?

    How much does it usually cost trainees on flight attendant training? (Living cost: Food, transportations (Gas), lease/ FA: class meterial, uniform....)

    Do most of the trainees need to move to a dorm by airport while training?

    For example I live in Nevada, the closet airports are in Las Vegas and in Reno. I don't know how much $ I'm suppose save and be able to afford my whole training process.....)

    Will trainees get paid while being trained..

    Thank you for your answer...

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  • A question about babysitter's pay...?

    There will be new sitters take over my babysit job if the mother could find two. She needs 2 sitters b/c she work nearly 12 hours a day so new sitters can work shifts. I do child care and house care and it's $3/1hr for all the work (3 kids). I charge her low b/c she's my friend & she can't afford to put kids in a daycare. I do more like a nanny can do but get paid like a babysitter.

    I'm not complaining my pay. When I get this job, killing time is more than make money, & help that mother. Now I'm helping her find other sitters. I have one concern is... if she ask new sitters to do same work as I do but same pay. I wonder all my helps will actually make her harder to find other sitters if she use the same work and pay standard..Cause nearly $1 per hour per kids & housework. This pay is hard to make sitters' willing to do any housework such as cooking, doing dishes or bath her kids ,right? How do I make the mother know my concern? Or I'm leaving so it's none of my business?

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  • Qestions about salary in grocery store....?

    (1)I may have a job in a general store. But no idea about salary...How much can people make working in a general (grocery) store? (Before and after tax?)

    (2) Is grocery store job (cashier, organizer....) a good "warm up job" for airline job (flight attendant, my ideal job)?

    (You may wonder why I don't directly go for FA job, because I live in a VERY small remote town and jobs are limited, and very far from any airport..)

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  • What are an ideal 25th anniversary songs and gifts?

    My in law parents will have their 25th wedding anniversary and big party. There will be keraoke machine and I'd like to sing songs for them. What are good songs for anniversary?

    And also what's the ideal gift for 25th anniversary?

    Thank your for your answers :)

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  • 請教美國移民,綠卡及工作的問題...?


    Q1:"美國公民的配偶,持有綠卡三年者並維持婚姻關係可以申請公民"這個綠卡是有包含 條 件式綠卡(CR) 的時間在內嗎? 還是只包括 永久緑卡(PR) 的時間? 兩者時間差很多.

    例如我(1) 2007~2009年 是CR,轉換PR後的 2010年可考公民?

    還是(2) 2007~2009年的CR不算在內,要從得到PR算起2010至2012後才能考公民?

    Q2: 還有我拿到CR卡的時候其實結婚己一年了,但CR卡會給二年,我不就其實在結婚第三年要邁入第四年時才能轉換永久綠卡?



    Q3: 如果綠卡面試完了多久會發下來呢?(因為我4/11面試完到現在二週了未發下來...

    Q4: 是不是有綠卡後(無論CR或PR)我的合法工作證到期後就不用再申請work-permit了?

    Q5: 請問美國對於台灣人持兩種護照是睜一隻眼閉一隻眼嗎? 因為入藉時要放棄自己原有國家的護照,但聽說移民的台灣人其實是兩種都有的...他們(美國)真的不知道嗎?所以回台用台灣護照,回美用美國護照,就不會被發現了嗎? 發現了會怎樣?


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  • 國外核發的金融卡(ATM卡)可以在台灣使用嗎?





    謝謝有經驗之人回答 : )

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  • Some questions about college courses...?

    (1) What is the best or most well-known online college in US?

    (2) If you want to be articulated, what kind of course do you take or major?

    (3) How do you decide what to major in college when you're not sure what's the best for you? ( I don't want to have a degree but hard to find job, or realize what I major is not what I want....)

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  • Why my question's still in voting?

    I asked a question five month ago and it's still in voting!Why?

    (That question was "What's the best reason to baptize?")

    Is it because of this question's too religious, sensitive and personal?

    I wonder this question will always be in voting.....

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