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  • 高中物理復習!!!?




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  • 最近冰箱壞掉了......?

    想買冰箱 有推薦的嗎

    想要省電然後 安靜的 有滿足條件的牌子嗎

    有在想Panasonic 和 Hitachi 


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  • <英文翻譯問題  >?

    我想要說: 由阿美族所辦的豐年祭是由族人們手拉手跳舞和唱歌作為開始


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  • <英文翻譯問題!!>?


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  • 這裡的communal是什麼意思呢?

    A 2018 analysis of three studies found toddler boys are expected to look masculine and play with "boy toys," while toddler girls were expected to look like girls, play with feminine toys and be communal. 

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  • 這裡的cost是什麼意思呢?

    The cost of negative beliefs about the abilities of boys and girls have been studied for decades

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  • 這裡是什麼意思呢?

    "Our study may be the first to investigate how students' stereotypical beliefs about the reading ability of boys form what you might call the 'common stereotype' of a class, and how this common stereotype may affect students' reading outcomes," said co-author Jan Retelsdorf, an educational psychologist at the University of Hamburg in Germany.

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  • 這是什麼意思呢?            ?

    Continuing to move the game forward

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  • 這裡的keep growing the game是什麼意思呢?

    On Instagram, Bryant posted a photo with James: "On to #2. Keep growing the game and charting the path for the next."

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  • 這裡的bump knuckles是什麼意思呢?

    But he raised his hand, balled up a fist and bumped knuckles -- a young player's dream come true. 

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  • 請問這裡rear pew是什麼意思呢?

    It would have been hard to not notice one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But Bryant had always tried to pass as just another one of the faithful, often sitting in a rear pew so he didn't distract from the solemn priority at hand.

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  • 請問這裡的commitment是什麼意思呢?

    Kobe Bryant, 41, an 18-time All Star who won five NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers, shook hands with Father Steve Sallot and asked about making his confirmation, a sacrament that would solidify his commitment to the Catholic Church.

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  • 可以幫我回答下面兩個問題嗎?



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  • 可以幫我回答一下下面2題嗎 ?



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  • 這裡的post是什麼意思?

    The [North Korean] Ministry of People’s Armed Forces ordered all guard posts to bar smuggling as well,” she said. “People, freight, nothing can come in or go out.”

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  • 這裡的hands-on是什麼意思?

    Be hands-on parents to their three children

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  • 這裡的meister是什麼意思?

    Meanwhile, in 2017, the host of "The Rising Sun Show" -- a 30-minute TV show produced by the U.S. Army Garrison Japan Public Affairs -- interviewed a KFC meister, who said the concept caught on after a foreign customer asked KFC to deliver fried chicken in a Santa Claus costume on Christmas.

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  • 這裡的identify是什麼意思呢?

    Christmas was, and still is, a secular holiday in Japan -- a country where less than 1% of the population identifies as Christian -- and in the 1970s many people didn't have established family Christmas traditions.

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  • 這裡的part of the pack 要如何解釋呢?

    KFC -- then known as Kentucky Fried Chicken -- was part of the pack, opening its first Japan outlet in Nagoya in 1970.  

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  • 這段話的identified要怎麼解呢?

    Naomi, who asked only to be identified by her first name, and her family are far from the only Japanese residents who enjoy KFC for Christmas dinner. 

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