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  • GRE排列

    In a long row of trees,a particular tree is 4th from the front of the row and 15th from the back of the row.The number of trees in the row?

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  • GRE 排列組合問題

    seven one-dollar bills are to be distributed among Lucia,Gomez,and Domingo so that each person receives at least $1.試問(A) The number of ways to distribute the bills so that at least one person receives at least $3 (B)The total number of ways to distribute the bills?

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  • GRE機率問題

    The 20 people at a party are divided into N mutually exclusive groups in such as a way that the number of people in any group does not exceed the number in any group by more than 1.The value of N if at least one of the groups consists of 3 people?

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  • GRE斜率問題

    For the line with equation Y=ax+b,ab不等於0,the X-intercept is twice the Y-intercept.

    試求The slope of the line?

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  • GRE數學問題急解

    A political poll showed that 80% of those polled said they would vote for propositionP.Of those who said they would vote for proposition P,70% actually voted for P, and of those who did not say they would vote for P, 20% acutally voted for P,what percent of those polled voted for P?(A) 56% (B) 60% (C) 64% (D) 76% (E) 90%

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  • GRE速率問題

    一列火車以平均45 mile per hour 的速度行駛50 mile .此一列車在起先的30 mile 用時速40mile的速度行駛.試問此一列車在最後20mile時的平均速度為多少?

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  • GRE體積問題

    The lengh of an edge of cube R is 2 and the lengh of an edge of cube T is 3.

    which answer is big one? (A)The ratio of the surface area of cube R to that of cube T

    (B) The ratio of the volum of cube R to that of cube T.

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  • GRE速率問題

    一列新幹線T早上九點以平均60KM/小時速度離開東京車站,另一新幹線S則以時速75KM/小時速度於兩小時後離開東京車站往相同方向駛去.試問幾點時新幹線S會追上新幹線T?(A)2:00 p.m.(B)5:00 p.m.(C)6:00 p.m.(D)7:00 p.m.(E)9:00 p.m.

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  • GRE 比例問題

    27 people applied for a certain managerial job.According to one report,the first interview narrowed the field down to fewer than 7 candidates .Another report claimed that the first interview eliminated fewer than 23 applicants form consideration.If both reports are true,and if X applicants where eliminated by the first interview,what are the possible values of X?

    (A)21 only (B)22 only (C) 20 and 21 only (D)21 and 22 Only (E)21,22 and 23

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  • GRE 速率問題


    (A)968 (B)960 (C)528 (D)484 (E)480

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  • GRE代數

    The expresion mRn,where m and n are positive integers,denotes that m=n的平方-1.If rRs and sRp,then in terms of p,r equals?

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  • GRE 機率

    The odds that a certain event will occur is the ratio of the probability that the event will occur to the probability that it will not occur.If the odds that Pat will win a prize are 4 to 3,what is the probability that Pat will not win the prize?

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  • GRE機率

    從1 到 40 中隨意挑選一整數,則此數被挑選為3 的奇數倍數的機率為多少?被挑選為3 的偶數倍數的機率又為多少?

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  • GRE數學急答

    A gram of carbohydrates has 4 calories and a gram of fat has 9 calories.

    試問下列何者為大?(A)The number of grams of carbohydrates that has X calories (B)

    The number of grams of fat taht has X calories.

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  • GRE代數數學急問

    Which of the following could be the sum of 2 positive integers such that one of them is 8 times the other?

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  • GRE數學機率問題急決

    IF one number is chosen at random form the first 1,000 positive integers ,what is the probability that the number chosen is a multiple of 2 and 8?

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