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  • 關於make 的用法...後面為什麼加to呢?

    之前讀到的文法書,都寫make要加原形動詞。或是make it +N/adj +to V。只有被動語態時,make後面才能加to V。但為什麼下面句子,make後面是加to V 呢?

    The areas of red colour makes robins very easy to distinguish from other birds.


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  • in which與where的用法


    (一)There are two ways in which this can be done.

    為何用in which呢?為何不寫成There are two ways those/that can be done呢?

    (二)The second is where there is no time for previous circulation, or there is some other reason why the paper cannot be circulated.



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  • master the tongue 是什麼意思?

    the opposite of this is integrative motivation, the kind of motivation which gets an immigrant in a country or someone who's married to a speaker of another language to master the tongue much more rapidly than someone learning in a classroom.Arguably most people possess mixed motivation although it would appear from research that integrative motivation does get much better, certainly as far as speed of learning goes.

    請問此句中的master the tongue是什麼意思呢?



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  • a certain amount of意思及用法

    請問兩個問題 thing is certain though, it does not happen overnight 此句是什麼意思呢?

    2.請問Most banks don’t make charges if you keep more than a certain amount of money in your account?此句中的a certain amount of 要怎麼翻譯比較恰大呢? a certain amount of 要如何使用

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  • 關於Neither後面加單數或複數動詞

    Sundials were not very accurate, of course, and neither were the water clocks that were used during the night.


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  • 關於use加ed或ing或by using


    請問The figure illustrates the process used by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to forecast the weather.此句是否可改為The figure illustrates the process used to Meteorology to forecast the weather by the Australian Bureau呢?

    請問The pie charts compare the amount of electricity produced using five different sources of fuel in two countries over two separate years.此句中為什麼use是加ing而非ed,或者是否能改成by using呢?謝謝

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  • when asleep及to用法


    1. See man found that elderly people who felt emotionally isolated maintained higher levels of stress hormones even when asleep.

    為什麼when後面沒有主詞呢?而是直接加asleep?是否是省略了they are?什麼情況下可以做這樣的省略呢?

    2. It would be about a ten-minute walk away from here.


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  • 請問下面句子如何翻譯成中文較恰當


    1.Napoleon did just manage to reach Moscow in his ill-fated invasion of 1812-but it would seem that news of his poor American deal did not.

    2.Yeah, living so far from the city makes it difficult to come here as much as I'd like.

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  • 英文so的用法..



    Energy consumption had dramatically increased and so has the dependency on petroleum.

    1.為什麼用so has the…. ,so是什麼詞性呢?關係代名詞嘛?

    2.是否可用and that has increasing the dependency on petroleum.


    Therefore government should raise money for improving public transport services available to citizens, especially commuters.

    1. 其中的available是形容詞,為何不將句子寫成Therefore government should raise money for improving available public transport services to citizens…


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