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    1.The teachers and children ratio seemed acceptable. Teachers always kept eye on every child simply by randomly took roll. Children were divided into two small groups that lead by teachers, for instance, some children chose drawing with the lead teacher and others kids played puzzles or story telling with the assistant teacher. Teacher and children have well interaction between each other by doing this way. The behavior that is not likely to happen would be children are playing alone or without supervision. It is because teachers always involving into every children’s activities in order to prevent children being alone or nothing to do.The behavior that is quite likely to happen would be teachers can take good care of every children and all of them enjoy being in the group activities under teachers’ supervising.

    2.The home living area provides children opportunities to experience the real life and train their live skills. For instance, they learned how to share house chores and roles with each other and teachers made sure every child participated while playing in the home living area.Children would not fight with each other while playing in the playhouse because teacher would tell them to share or compromise. For instance, there were two girls want to be the role mom at the same time, but teacher will tell the girls need to take turns to avoid fights.During the play scene, children would learn how to work and share with each other, also they can understand the living skills.

    3.The classroom divides into many areas, but some areas were not well defined; for example, there are two tables that can be used as art center and writing center at the same time. Besides the undefined tables, the other part of this classroom is very colorful and bright with clearly labeled areas.Let children stay focus on their activities without distraction was not likely to happen in this classroom. Children seemed to be confused about what they are supposed to do on certain areas

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  • 英文文法訂正-15點!

    1.The pro of this preschool classroom set up would be having the noisy area away from the quite area; in this case, reading center and play center is in opposing area of this classroom. In this arrangement it can prevent children being distracted by toys or other major attraction while they are in the reading area.The reason for setting the classroom in this way can benefit children to be more concentrate and focus instead of distract with each other. 2. Moreover, another pro of this preschool classroom set up would be all the tables are facing teacher. By setting up classroom in this way can let teacher easily take care and watch out every children at the same time. I have fund an article that suggests this setting is the ideal way for preschool classroom.Therefore, this setting definitely is the ideal way to set up a classroom because it provides clearly view for teacher to keep eye on every child. 3. On the other hand, the con of the preschool classroom would be each table does not have clearly labels on it. Each table should have labeled in order to clearly define its own job for children; for example, table#1 is art center and table #2 is writing center. By doing this can prevent children doing different activities on the same table at the same time, which would cause distraction.Labeling is very important because it allows student to understand what to do on each table and creates sense of responsibility.

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    麻煩幫忙訂正英文文法 !!謝謝!

    1.The one behavior that stood out the most to me about the client’s speech and language was his attention issue because the client is easy to lose his attention. I was a little shocked about how this child would quickly lose his attention, but I also felt touched by every time he tried his best to try to pay attention on everything they did during the therapy. 2.The one behavior that stood out the most to me about the clinician’s behavior was his is very talkative and outgoing. I always image that the autistic client should be like more quiet or shy, but this client is not like what I expect to see. In this case, this client talks a lot and likes to interact with the clinician. Therefore, this is not only surprise me but makes me realize that I should throw those stereotype for autism away.

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    I think the interaction between client and clinician will be clinician more talkative and client ignore the clinician and focus on his/her own thing. Because this client has autism, so I picture the therapy session will be structured like the clinician tend to catch up client’s attention by taking or giving the client favor things. Then, if the client behaves, the clinician will give back to the client favor’s thing. I would like to expect to see this kind of activates is because one of the characters of autism is obsessive by something particular and then sticks with it.After I finished my observation, my overall reaction was surprised and eye opening. The therapy session did meet my expectations although it was nothing like what I structured. The most surprise part would be that the clinician was using reward to try to motivate this client pay attention on every game and practice they did during the therapy session. I felt very incredible of that reward can give a child that much motivation to stay focus.The impact that this observation had brought me would still be encouragement and motivation on continue pursuing speech language pathology as a career. The reason for that is because I really enjoy on learning everything that related to this field. I feel passion about it and definitely want to keep moving on.

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  • 文法訂正 10點

    It because language changes over time, new words and new phrase has created every day. For example, when I texting message to my friends, I often use “ttyl” instead of talk to you later. Some of my friends were confused by the word “ttyl”, but when I explained to them that “ttyl” is the abbreviation for talk to you later. They quickly pick it up and use it.

    “Facebook” is another example, a well known popular website.

    if we back to early 80s, there is no the word” facebook”. Nowadays, because of this popular online network, people starts to use the word facebook to represent what they are doing such as I am using facebook now or I will updates my status on facebook later. But in early 80s, it is hard to imagine what facebook is like. those two examples are the best to prove that language is dynamic anything can be created or combined together as new word and new phrase.

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  • 修改文法 10點

    1. All those two exceptions are just trying to tell people that job happiness is not depends on how much people earn, but how much people love and enjoy the job. For instance, XXX's job can bring her lots of money but she is not happy at all, however, XXX'sjob cannot bring him lots of money but he is happy at work. Not only that, Bates willing to be use his job to define his life because he thinks that his job is representing himself. However, Nora Watson does not want to use her job to define herself because she thinks that the job she is doing now is only the thing she do for living.


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  • 10點! 修改幾句文法! 謝謝!

    1. Since our tribe people came from different places and we all have our own viewpoints on establish rules, therefore, it was hard to have agreement to make law. After many times of our own tribe discussions, we agreed that the only law we have made is respect each other.

    2. Furthermore, it just proves the our tribe is the best tribe ever, such as exercise personal freedom that other tribe afford to exercise.


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  • 英文法訂正20點!!

    Professors should not consider e-textbooks rather than print text books to help lower costs for their students”. E-book is not available for everyone, it only work with people that have laptops. Not everyone likes to read information from a monitor. If we were to read for a long period of times, it will be easier for our eyes to read things from the books. But is e-book a good option? Yes, it will definitely be a better option for people that have laptop. E-book can be a lot cheaper, we can zoom in the text, and we can search information much easier with computer search function. The old fashion textbook and e-book should be promoted equity, so people can choose which one is better for them to learn.

    In the debate, Erma H. Hughes argues that e-book can create very different learning environment. For people that have laptop, e-book is going to be a huge advantage for students. And for people that have limited access to a computer, e-book is not working for them. Also if we are having students are using laptop in the class this might be very distracted for other student that is not using laptop. The use of laptop in the class can be another controversial argument. So e-book can only be an option but not a requirement.

    People learn things differently, some people are better with computer and some are better from reading off from a book. For example, myself I can read books better from computer screen. I am very used to look at the screen for long period of time. But when I am trying to read information for long period of time, the screen is going to hurt my eyes. But when I read things from a book, I can last a lot longer and much more concentrate.

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  • 英文訂正文法!!!20點!!!!

    In the book” Lifelines Black Families in Chicago”, the author Joyce Aschenbrenner work as a research associate with a small group of Blacks during 1969 to 1970. She interviews them, and listen to their lives stories. Then, she found out that most people are misunderstanding of Black family. The fact of black family is that they are very organized, and they have strong kinship background that offers them opportunities to take well care of each other. For example, one of the author’s interviewers, Lucille, is moving to Chicago from a small town in Mississippi. Due to her strong kinship background, Lucille has no money and no job but she still can survive in the Chicago. The reason for that is Lucille’s relative think that they have obligation to take good care of any of their relative. Moreover, this book is dividing into six chapters, and each chapter has different topics to analysis the Blacks families, such as the relationship between men and women, dealing with unmarried pregnant teenage children, the values of marriage, and so on. While the author is doing her research on black families, she observer a very interesting phenomenon that most of the black families like to create play- relationship such as, play daughter and play mother. The relationship among play parents with their play children is very similar with adoption, but the difference between them is that they do not officially adopt the children. The blacks’ families view this as a one way to keep strong kinships and families boundaries without blood related.

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  • 20點!!英文文法訂正!

    1.On the other hand, the benefit of dual- career families is that both parents work full time can provide a higher standard life to their family. When one of parent lost his/ her job, they do not have to be anxiety or running for money because his/her partner own job to keep family financial well.

    2.Finally, life is a struggle, and there are lots of challenges await the dual income families. Both parents work full time and will continue to do so, and they are not raising their children in the same way as they were in the past due to the majority of this decade is dual-career families. It is possible that working outside the home and being a good parent at the same time as long as parents put enough amount of care, love and guidance to the children. Also, in both of these tasks there is much to value and treasure.

    3. In this case, it is one of the negative impacts of dual-careers families that if both parents do not put enough amount of care on children. Then, children tend to do some odd behavior to try to get parents’ attention.

    4.Since Parents have great influence on children, therefore children learn their values, goals and norms through the way that they view or identify with their parents as well as from the quality and amount of care and guidance given to them by their parents. If the parents cannot provide enough care or attention to children, then the children tend to easily lose their way due to lack of parent’s guidance.

    5. It is forcing both parents have to work full time to maintain their basic life expense.

    6.Moreover, both parents want to achieve their career goals, so they have less time to be with the family. For example, married women feel that their traditional roles as child bearers and homemakers must be supplement with a sense of achievement outside the home.

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  • 急!英文法訂正10點!!!!!!

    T2.The Hoovers family has five members and plus the uncle. Each family member has their problem. Grandpa Edwin is like eighteen years old, the language he is using is just inappropriate. The institute of elders has sent him away because of His misbehavior. The son Dwayne, is taking a vow of silence as a follower as Nietzsche. Dwayne wants to be a jet pilot. He really thinks by choosing not to talk will really help him to get success. The dad Richard is selling his “method to success” but end up with an unsuccessful result. Mom, Sheryl, she is always having too much pressure and always smokes to relive her pressure. The Uncle Frank is a homosexual and expert on Proust. Frank has failed to recognize as number one in the field and his boyfriend has broken up with him. He has lost the recognition and boyfriend to the same person. He even failed to attend suicide. Frank becomes a huge loser in the story. The most important character of the movie is the Daughter Olive. She is very friendly, kind and lovely. Her dream is to win the little miss sunshine beauty contest. Olive has a huge glasses and this big belly but she is very confident and not afraid of others. When Olive got a notification to attend Little Miss Sunshine beauty contest, everyone is gathered and coming together to California to attend the contest. Things have started to change as they are encounter problems on their way to California.

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  • 20點!!grammar errors!文法訂正!

    4。On their way to California, all of them have discovered that they are not going to make their dreams come true. Richard knows that his “nine steps to success” is not going to sell. The person is helping him thinks that Richard is no body, the method is not going to make a profit. Dwayne discovers he is color blind. Color blind cannot be a jet pilot. Everything Dwayne has worked for is vanished at this moment. He is releasing his anger through hitting the car and talking down to his parents. Oliver has also got remove from the beauty contest because her dance is inappropriate. They were upset for a while but afterward they have realized it’s not important anymore. To have everyone in the family to participate together is one of the best thing in the world. On the trip they have lost everything they dream about, but as a family they have won. They are now united and happier than before. There is nothing better than a lovely family.

    5。The movie title “Little Miss Sunshine” also refers to the daughter Oliver. She is the only one that is so pure and there is nothing that will let her down. She is friendly with every family member. Everyone in the family just loves her. The whole trip is started is all because of Oliver. If it’s someone else in the family, no one is willing to going along. There is a lot problems happening along the way. The family is working things out together. The Hoovers has becoming united. Everyone is happy at the end of this journey. They are still been considering as loser, but this time they have win close connection with each family member, that is far more important than anything else.

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  • 20點!英文法訂正!

    1。The movie “Little Miss Sunshine” is one of must see movies. It is very funny, and it let us know the importance of the family. Family member should stick up for one another. The story is based on this dysfunctional family, the Hoovers. Each family member has their own problem. The family is socially considered as losers, because none of them is successful on school or work. As the daughter Oliver notify of entering a beauty contest. The whole family is coming together as one to take her to the contest from New Mexico to California. On their way to California a lot of things happened. This time they will overcome each problem together. Each time the family solve a problem, they are getting closer together. At the end they have fail their dreams, but they have win the most precious treasure in the world. The Hoovers have won the love of the family.

    3。At first, The Hoovers family is not very much united. No one is having fun on the car. Only the Grandpa is giving out his word wisdom to Dwayne. Other times are just the arguing between the parents and grandpa. Until the car break down, that makes them have to work together to push the car to make the engine start. They are very happy after they push the car and run to the car. This is the first time they work together. Together they really have achieved something, which is why they felt happy afterward. Throughout the trip, there is other problems such as the Grandpa pass away. They are stealing grandpa’s body out from hospital or they are not going to make it to the contest. Again they are more united then before, but as they go they are understand their dream is unreachable.

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  • 急!20點!訂正英文文法及修辭!


    3. No matter how dreary life can be, it only a little can change to all. Becky (Juliette Lewis), a young lady who had to stop in Endora with her grandmother because of the car they travel in is breakdown, inspire Gilbert that he should being responsibility to himself and express his own feeling because he has been a giver for such a long time. Gilbert never thinks of himself, he always giving everything he can for his family. He follows what he believes must be followed, and in many ways is trapped, without a sense of freedom. For example, Gilbert always says that Arnie needs his help, so does the family.

    4. Moreover, the film attaches itself to showing the mother who is an extremely obese person, her shame, her humiliation, her lot that is close to an ordeal.

    On her disabled son Arnie’s birthday, she felt relief by having accepted to be introduced to her elder son's girl friend Becky. This encourages her climbing back up to the second floor bedroom of the house for the first time in many years. She dies without any kind of pain in her bed. It tells the viewers that she tries her best to move her life on and stop stuck nation. Soon after, her children realize she is dead When they calling for her to wake up. The significant of mom’s pass away means that Children are free from the heavy burden. They decided to burn the house to keep the respect for their mom. They house also represent their burden. When the house is gone; the new life is waiting for them.

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  • 20點! 訂正英文文法及修辭!急!!

    1.The film What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), directed by Lasse Hallström, is a very unique film. The film is set among Grilbert Grape and his dysfunctional family who lives in a motionless town of Endora, Iowa. The main character Grilbert Grape (Johnny Depp) as a narrator that he is introduces his family, emotions and problems to the viewers. He has two sisters, Amy (Laura Harrington) and Ellen (May Kate Schellhardt), and a younger brother Arine (Leonardo Dicaprio) who is mentally disabled; and an obesity mom (Darlene Cates) whostuck in the couch after their father commit suicide. This film uses the main character Arnie binds us together with sympathy and enlightenment, it gives us an insight into the daily responsibilities of this family due to his special needs.

    2. it seems like every member in the Grape family that their lives, future and dreams are thwarted because of the burden on their shoulders. After Gilbert’s father dead, the family is in charge by Gilbert and one of his sisters, Amy. Due to this reason, they cannot even dare to try about their dream and future. For example, the only reason that Gilbert stuck in the small grocery store in this small town is the family needs his supporting.

    5. Finally, it is the time to move on. In the opening scene, Gilbert Grape with his brother Arnie Grape is watching many trucks which carry many passengers leaving their town. However, it almost exactly same scene at the end, but the difference compare with the opening scene is now is they turn to leave the Endora. They are burden less, and they ready to move on the next page of their new life.


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  • 訂正文法!!20點!英文!!

    4. Furthermore, there is no benefit of lower the drinking age. Eva Erskine writes that “ I challenge this group of college presidents to give me some sound economic reasons for lowering the drinking age, other than profits from liquor sales” (11). If we reduce the age of drinking will only brings many negative influences. For example, teens need to spend a lot of money to buy alcohol, and most teens don’t have enough allowance to afford it. Then, it will grow lots of serious society problems, such as robbery or steal. Not only that, but also it is very harmful to the body when a person starts to drink in a young age. There are many diseases that are alcohol-related, such as alcoholism and liver cancer. Also, it even can affect teens developmental of brain.

    5. Though eighteen years old men and women can marry and vote, it is not reasonable to reduce the age of drinking from 21 to 18 because there is no beneficial influence to youth. Reducing the drinking age couldn’t help neither drinking nor crime rates. Because it only makes the winery more available to young people who do not have enough money to afford it, then crimes occurs. Moreover, some people think that a little alcohol will helps people relief from the stress of reality. However, there are many other options that people can choose for entertainment or relaxation besides alcohol usage. For instance, teenager can go hiking instead of drinking.


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  • 20點!!!文法訂正英文


    1. In the article of “Is the proposal by a group of college presidents that the nation consider lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18 reasonable”, Eva Erskine, an adjunct faculty member of Roosevelt University in Chicago, says “no” on this issue because she thinks that there is no reasons or benefits to encourage youth starts drinking in the young age. I agree with Eva Erskine that we should not lower the drinking age because it occur many problems when a person starts drinking younger, such as binge drinking or alcoholic addictive. In fact, there are many people die from drunk driving every year.

    2.Keeping the minimum drinking age of twenty-one years old is important and helps to save lives. Eva Erskine states that” I suggest to the college presidents in favor of lowering the drinking age that they research the number of teenage alcohol-related deaths” (11). The most supportive reason that opposite lowering the drink age is drinking will led too many negative impacts to our bodies, no matter is physical or emotional. Therefore, the best way for avoiding teenage alcohol-related problems is delaying the age of first drink.

    3. Moreover, most teens lack of the mature and responsible on drinking. Teens can easily get agitated by the peer pressure. In fact, if we reduce the drinking age from 18 to 21 will increase many problems, such as alcohol addictive. It is because this action makes teens more available to get winery before they learn how to control themselves. For example, Teenagers probably will misunderstand about the correct way of alcohol usage. They may use drinking as an excuse to help them relief from the stress of reality; however, most teens tend to lost control and over rely on alcohol.

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  • 20點!!!英文法訂正!!!

    3.Moreover, a volcanologist Scott Bryan of Kingston University in London is planning to go to research this new island. Also, Scott Bryan mention that most of the volcanic island will disappear soon because the type of material that eruptions and the wave action will affects an island’s life span. Therefore, Scott must be in hurry to check out this new island. However, when he finally found the new island, the island almost washed away by the wave erosions. Fortunately, Scott still can able collect some material before it totally disappear to analyze it. Even though the life span of this new island only few months, however, the components of this new island did lasting some biological impact. For example, the main component is Pumice rafts could be the home to barnacles, corals, algae, oysters, and many other organisms.

    4.“ Birth Of An island” is a quite good article that I have ever read in my life because this article introduces many amazing things to me, such as the volcanic island can only exists few months. This article did inspiring me to think about the world differently. It makes me think that everything could happen around us. For example, it is very tiny chances that human can witness the ocean floor is thrusting a new island, but the Maiken crew make it and share their observation to public. This makes people understand more about how the new island-forming and which type of island is easily to disappear.

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  • 文法訂正20點! 英文!

    1.In the article” Birth Of An island”, the author Jennifer Barone writes about a crew of the Maiken that witness the new forming island in Tonga last August before everyone on the earth knew it. Fredrik Fransson is one of people in the crew who noticed that something was wrong with the sea water color. The original color of see suppose to be deep blue, but now were lagoon green. When the crew looked over around them, soon after they saw there was a thing looks like continuous hills above the sea. Then, his group is observing that the ocean floor was thrusting up the new island.

    2.The Maiken crew detected that the volcano on the new island is erupting, and many scientists focus on this issue when Maiken crew posted what they observe to public. The author Jennifer Barone writes,” undersea eruptions probabl occur dozens of times a year, buy they are mostly in remote places or at extreme depths, so they are very rarely witnessed by humans” (52). Scientists very excited about what Maiken was found because this is a very important observation that makes scientists can able to study how an island-forming eruption with images from space.


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  • 20點!請幫忙訂正文法!grammar errors!

    4. the benefits of the students get from working with the laptops far outweigh the negatives of the small number of students who play games instead of learning. It can reduce the quality of learning in classroom because teachers also have to raise their attention to focus on the students who are using laptops to school for ensure they are not playing video game. Then, teacher won’t have enough time to teach other students. In fact, students who are using laptops on classroom may lose something very important on lecture while they are playing video game on their laptops.

    5.Finally, laptops is very convenient in some places, however, it is not a right timing for students bring into classroom. The most reason is that not every student using laptops in the classrooms, so it may interrupt other students by their tapping keys. If the students really want to bring laptop to school, then the students have to make sure that they won’t let the entertainment on laptops to influence their focus on class.


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