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  • where can I buy/find bi chou tan?

    I am looking for a type of charcoal, called "bi chou tan", or there may be other names used in English. This type of charcoal is widely used in Japan and Taiwan. The use of this charcoal includes cleansing/purifying water/air, remove odor in the refrig, can act as a humidifier, can generate negative ions, etc.

    I am in St. Louis, MO, US, and hope, preferably, there is a store/authorized dealer in the US that can ship the charcoal to me.

    Thank you,

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  • having power outlet by your circuit breaker?

    I am getting my new home built and am wondering is the circuit breaker in the basement come with a regular power outlet or is that something I can add? If I can add, is it difficult to add? Can I do it myself?

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