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  • how to make the date apprear on photos?

    my camera is CANON IXY digital 30

    When i look at photos on my computer, i want the date show on the photos.

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  • what does 'cinge' mean?

    : I got my hair cut today! No more cinge!!

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  • how to cure double vision that suffered from lasik eye surgery?

    My dad had lasik eye surgery about two years ago, and he has double vision since the second week after the surgery. (he never had double vision before the surgery)

    The doctor who did the surgery for my dad couldn't find a way to cure my dad's double vision. My dad went to see a different doctore, but still no postive answer.

    Right now my dad still wears glasses and sees double. He is a very busy man, I hope i can find a way to help him out.

    Does anyone know how to cure double vision that suffered from lasik eye surgery. (don't just say go to see a doctor, it didn't work)

    Please provide any kind of methods, or the name of a good doctor who has dealt with this kind of problem before.

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  • Where can i volunteer in Martin TN? or in the near-by area?

    I have one more month break before classes start.

    Does anyone know where I can volunteer in Martin, TN?

    or somewhere around Martin area, like less than one hour driving.?

    It can be either short term (one month or so) or long term (cuz my classes in Fall semester will all be in the evening, i suppose i'll still have time then),

    Please provide the name, address, and phone number...Thanks

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  • 請問固特異輪胎目前面臨的問題是什麼?



    是在於品質?價格?廣告手法? 還是其他

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