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Personal Profile: 個人檔案- Born in Taiwan to be an international person - Studied, Lived and currently Employed in USA: Been to 33 States - Worked in USA/Germany/Shanghai; Been in more than 50 cities in China - Currenly in 3 year special assignment in Brazil: Still Exploring with broken Portuguese - Been to 24 Countries/districts 台灣 美國 巴哈馬 加拿大 西班牙 德國 泰國 中國 香港 澳門 日本 韓國 巴西 阿根廷 烏拉圭 南非 厄瓜多爾 哥倫比亞 哥斯大黎加 秘魯 委瑞內拉 義大利 埃及 巴拉圭 - Dream Land: TibetProfessional Profile:Working in 耍嘴皮的黑手行業 (What is that? You guess) Family:Slaved by two lovely Cats... NuNu & MeiMei ...Meow.meow.. 格至名言:Wisdom is not a product of scholling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it - Albert Einstein Dont Find Fault, Find a Remedy - Henry Ford You Can`t Direct The Wind, But You Can Adjust The Sails. - anonymous