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    DAQ Signal Accessory Operation

    This section explains how the DAQ signal accessory works.

    Channel Connections

    Table 1 lists the AI channel numbers and their connections on the DAQ signal accessory.

    Table 1. Channel Connections

    Channel Number Connection

    0 IC temperature sensor

    1 Quick connect terminal

    2 Quick connect terminal

    3 Tied to analog ground

    4 Thermocouple jack

    5 IC temperature sensor

    6 Microphone jack

    7 Available for custom wiring directly on circuit board

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  • DAQ signal accessory

    The 3.5 mm microphone jack is wired internally to AI channel 6. The jack is wired as a mono jack and you should use mono microphones. You can find 1/4 in. to 3.5 mm adapters at an electronic parts store


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