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  • 請問nor後面有沒有省略掉什麼字?


    We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them this morning as they prepared for their journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of earth touch the face of God.

    nor是對等連接詞, 所以nor後面原本是不是這樣寫的?

    ..., nor will we forget the last time...

    還是nor的左右兩邊以them和the last time做為對等的字詞呢?

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  • What things would people do to make themselves look beautiful or great even at the cost of their health?

    Besides wearing high heels/platform shoes, body piercing and plastic surgery, could you think of any other ways? Please give me as many examples as possible.

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  • "神偷奶爸" 裡的"三隻貓" +"獨角獸" 的故事書內容

    我昨天在某個電影頻道看到英語版"神偷奶爸" , 三個小女孩睡前有要求奶爸唸"三隻貓"的故事書, 內容很短, 是押韻詩; 電影快結束時, 奶爸寫了"獨角獸"的故事給三個小女孩聽 , 內容也很短, 也是押韻詩,但是都蠻有趣感人!


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  • What does "I have never been to me" mean?

    "I have never been to me" is the title of a song sung by Charlene.

    When I asked a native speaker about it, he said, "this sentence is strange. Because I usually say I have never been to _______( a place)."

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  • as if 的用法

    有關as if 的用法, 我已在知識+上搜索到之前幾位熱心網友對其他發問者的解說, 但是因為他們所舉的例子或解釋的方式並沒有解開我的困惑, 所以理解力差的我只好再發問一下: 1. He walks as if he is drunk. (現在式直說法)2. He walks as if he were drunk. (與現在事實相反的假設法)3. He walks as if he had been drunk. 4. He walked as if he was drunk. 5. He walked as if he were drunk.6. He walked as if he had been drunk. 7. Mary failed her test, but she acted as if everything were fine.8. Mary failed her test, but she acted as if everything had been fine. 9. Mary talked as if she knew the truth.10. Mary talked as if she had known the truth. 以上第1, 2句我都懂, 請問:1. 第3句是不是正確的句子? 2. 第4句是 “過去式直說法”嗎?3. “與過去事實相反的假設法” 到底是第5句還是第6句? 還是都可以? 意思一樣嗎? (文法老師說 “與過去事實相反的假設, 要用過去完成式”)4. 如果第6句是錯的, 那麼第8句也是錯的吧!? 5. 第9, 10句都是對的吧!? 前者是“過去式直說法”, 後者是 “與過去事實相反的假設法” 吧!?

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  • crunchy, crispy, crumbly的差別

    請問這三個字有什麼差別? 都可以用來修飾相同的食物嗎? 還是修飾的食物有些不同? 麻煩舉些例子, 謝謝!

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  • 令人抓狂的片語

    我在圖解文法書(建弘出版)上看到如下的片語, 真是很難記得清楚它們意思上差別, 更不用說它們的代換了!


    或誰可以提供很棒的例句, 讓我能記清楚它們的用法?

    no more than

    no less than

    not more than

    not less than

    no more...than

    no less...than

    not more...than

    not less...than

    像把 He has no more than 20 dollars.

    與 He has not more than 20 dollars. 放在一起比較, 對我而言只會愈看愈迷糊!

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  • 令我困惑的3組字

    以下這三組字當名詞用時, 其中之一的定義皆有相同的中文意思:

    1. exhibit 與 exhibition (皆有展覽會與展覽品之意)

    2. spark 與 sparkle (皆有生氣、活力、才智煥發、火花的意思)

    3. concept 與 conception (皆有觀念, 概念之意)

    我想請問: 當他們其中之一出現在句子時, 若中文意思相同時, 是不是可直接用另一字代換? 譬如: We sent to an exhibition of Chinese paintings at the museum. (本句的exhibition 可用exhibit代替嗎?)As a writer, he seemed to lack creative spark. (本句的spark可用sparkle 代替嗎?) They have no definite conception of their duties as citizens. (本句的conception可用concept代替嗎?)p.s. 以上例句出自字典

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  • 如何成為有創造力的人?

    如何成為有創造力的人呢? 請不要提供理論, 請提供具體可行的方法, 點子!

    如果您是老師, 您如何讓學生具有創造力?

    如果您是家長, 您如何讓孩子具有創造力?

    如果您是主管, 您如何讓部屬具有創造力?

    如果您是成人, 您如何讓自己具有創造力?

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  • 文法, 為什麼用be?

    For Nick Vujicic, life could be dark or bright, and he chooses that it be bright.

    請問為什麼 it 後面用 be 呢?

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  • How to be a creative person?

    If you are a teacher, how do you make your students creative?

    If you are a parent, how do you make your child(ren) creative?

    If you are a boss, how do you make your staff creative?

    If you are an adult, how do you make yourself creative?

    Please offer effective and feasible ways. Thank you in advance.

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  • 有關達文西和梵谷的名字

    Vincent van Gogh (荷蘭人), Leonardo da Vinci (義大利人), 這兩位畫家的全名的中間是小寫開頭, 為什麼翻譯成中文姓名時是從中間的字而不是從最後的Gogh或 Vinci開始翻呢?

    van 與 da 分別是什麼意思呢?

    歐洲人的名字 (first name + middle name + last name) 中間的名字常常是小寫嗎?

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  • 請解說英文腦筋急轉彎


    1. Q: How can you make a slow horse fast?

    A: Don’t feed him. 2. Q: How can you stop an elephant from charging? A: Take away its credit card.3.Q: When is a door not a door?

    A: When it's ajar.

    是不是把ajar 解讀成 a jar?

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  • Does anyone recommend me good Indian movies?

    After seeing such movies as "Three Idiots", "Taare Zameen Par" and "Robot", my interest in India starts to grow. Can anyone tell me other good movies which are entertaining, educational and meaningful to watch? If possible, please give me the websites of the trailers. Thanks in advance.

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  • How do you like Hayao Miyazaki's animated films?

    Do you think the works of Hayao Miyazaki(宮崎 駿) are easy to understand?

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  • Any difference among "Britain", "Great Britain" and "Britannia"?

    Besides, how do you call a person from Britain--

    Briton, a British person, or else?

  • Is there any difference when I use the word "Netherlands" or the word "Holland"?

    Does the fomer sound official and the latter informal?

  • Are "Muslim" and "Islamist" the same?

    Is there any difference between "Muslim" and "Islamist"?

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