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  • Is forest hike a dangerous thing?

    I just found forest hike is attractive to me, but I am not sure about the safety of forest hike, especially in a very dense primitive forest.(sometimes a primitive forest looks horrible) Do you have any advice for me?

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  • Do you give money to homeless people (beggars)?

    When you see a beggar on the sidewalk, will you give him/her some money?

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  • Does Andy emulator really need 5GiB space?

    I got a very good Android app but that app only can be used on smartphone (it only has iOS version and Android version, no PC version). So I determined to install an Andy Android emulator onto my Windows 8 netbook to run that app. When I clicked the exe file of Andy for Windows to install Andy, a window popped up, telling me Andy needs at least 5GiB of free hard disk drive space. I m doubting it. Does an Android operating system really need 5GiB HDD space to perform well? I don t believe it. Thank you.

    I downloaded Andy from:

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  • Built-in casual games for Windows 8?

    I remember in Windows XP/Vista/7 I could always play some built-in casual games such as Pinball, Purble Place, Minesweeper or Microsoft Hearts in my spare time. But in Windows 8/8.1 why can’t I find anything like them? I mean the traditional Windows style software, not the new Metro(Modern)-feature app of Windows 8.

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  • Do you think playing chess would improve the ingenuity?

    Do you think playing chess or other strategic board games (Go, Chinese chess, Gomoku, etc) everyday would really help a person to improve his/her ingenuity so that he or she can also work out other kind of hard puzzles well? Or, could playing chess everyday help someone to study abstract difficult subject such as mathematics? Is there any exact scientific research conclusion to back up this hypothesis?

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  • Why are so many people still buying the 1980s Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 2015?

    The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), or Nintendo Family Computer (FC Console) is an 8-bit home video game console which dates back to 30 years ago. Its definition is immensely low, and it can t even save your place in the game because the video game console memory card hadn t been invented yet in the 1980s. Today (2015) we have so many state-of-the-art HD video game console: SONY PlayStation 4, Microsoft XBox One, Nintendo Wii U, etc. Why do we still buy the 1980s console?

    PS: The 1080s NES is still a best-seller in many countries, including China and Japan, I can t believe it!!!

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  • How come that the Japanese people have rebuilt Hiroshima and Nagasaki successfully after the deadly nuclear bombardment in 1945?

    Two Japanese cities: Hiroshima(Japanese:広島市) and Nagasaki(Japanese:長崎市) were attacked by the U.S. Air Force with nuclear bombs in August, 1945. The two nuclear bombs led to the end of World War Ⅱ. Everyone knows the history, but I'm wondering how could it be possible that people could live over the soil which had been contaminated by the lethal radioactive fallout? Those radioactive fallout are highly carcinogenic and extremely difficult to remove from the soil. Then how could the Japanese people continue to live in the two “ghost cities” after the nuclear bombardment? Actually the surrounding areas of Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident site in Ukraine are still quarantine zones today.

    (I'm not talking about politics here, the discussion is all about the environment and biology)

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  • Do you think mathematics and physics are some kind of puzzle games?

    Mathematics and physics are disciplines that tell people how the natural world works. But a lot of people find that it s very difficult to understand all the abstract concepts of mathematics and physics, and the exercises are always hard. So someone says that “you must have gift if you want to study mathematics and physics well.”

    A mathematical genius (he is a Ph.D in Mechanics) told me that he regards mathematics as a puzzle game. He said “I love math because it has fun. I never thought math is hard, in my opinion it s just a game like Super Mario or Sudoku(Number Place Puzzle).” Do you agree with him?

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  • Why is the Communist China so afraid of Wikipedia?

    A Chinese friend told me that the Chinese Communist government has blocked the access to Chinese Wikipedia so people in China can't visit the website of Chinese Wikipedia unless they use special technology such as “VPN” or something else. I'd downloaded the entire entries database of English Wikipedia and I sent the Chinese friend an E-mail telling him the way to download the off-line database of English Wikipedia. That friend replied to me “Thank you for your information. In order to let more people know the downloading method, I translated your message into Chinese and then posted it on a popular forum website of China, but the administrator of the forum censored this thread and decided not to post it to the public, i.e. nobody can see this free Wikipedia downloading message on that forum website. I'm sorry.”

    I can't understand why the Chinese Communist government is so afraid of allowing their people read Wikipedia. Don't you think it's some kind of stupid paranoia? (PS: the Communist has also blocked Facebook, YouTube and many other popular websites)

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  • Can I download the entire Wikipedia as an off-line ebook?

    I consult the English version of Wikipedia a lot, but sometimes I don't have the access to the internet, so I want to download the whole English Wikipedia database (including all articles, audios, charts, pictures and captions of Wikipedia) and use it as an ordinary off-line ebook system. Is it possible to do such thing? Do we have any gratis software that could download, update and read Wikipedia database just like the multimedia software of the Encyclopaedia Britannica? It will be best if it supports the text-to-speech feature.

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  • Do you think it's hard to make friends with Chinese people?

    I mean, will the language barrier and cultural difference prevent you from establishing a real exciting and long-lasting relationship with Chinese people? (including Internet pen friend)

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  • What is a "good man" for girls/women?

    Rich? Handsome? Gentle? Humorous?

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  • 單身主義是不是變態?



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  • 選擇法輪功還是基督教?



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  • Do you think it's helpful to learn some basic knowledge of Latin and ancient Greek language for a Chinese person who is learning English?

    I'm a native-Chinese speaker who is learning English now. Some westerners told me “you'd better learn some elementary Latin and ancient Greek courses. Because a lot of English words came from Latin and French, while those French words came from Latin, and a lot of Latin words came from ancient Greek.”

    Oh, God!!! What am I learning exactly? English or Latin or ancient Greek? Or a mixture of all? Your western culture and languages are really hard to understand for me. Some books tell me that “European and American universities still offer Latin and ancient Greek courses today due to their great influences on western history.” Is that true? How many westerners can read/write Latin and ancient Greek nowadays? I mean, if I write “fish”, only U.S./British and German people could understand; but if I write “ichthy”(Greek: ἰχθύς), then all European people could understand?

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  • 這樣做會不會太丟臉?




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  • Islam and Christianity are the same thing, aren't they?

    Islam's most important literature the Holy Quran says (Quran 3:3) “He (God) hath revealed unto thee (Muhammad) the Scripture with truth, confirming that which was (revealed) before it, even as He revealed the Torah and the Gospel.”

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  • 現在(民國103年)台灣的高中數學教材、習題參考書的問題


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  • 民進黨若統治台灣,會不會影響大陸讀者購買台灣書籍?










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  • Are we(U.S.) going to protect Taiwan if Taiwan has been attacked by Communist China?

    What will the U.S. government do if Taiwan has been attacked by communist China? Just stand by and watch or give Taiwan military support?

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