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  • 請幫我順一順英文作業之自傳


    I am appreciated that you give me this opportunity to introduce myself.

    I am 24 years of age. I have already worked for 8 years. In other words, I have the ample social experience. Currently, I am a student with the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chienkuo Technology University. In the daytime, I work in the Taining Machine Industries Co., Ltd. The main work includes producing and servicing of the various cross cone winders. I master in the automatic control to go together with line, the electric circuit manufacture, with the micro-computer PLC can program controller.

    During the eight years, I was able to practice what I had learned and to acquire how to handle emergent cases. Work that I am interested in myself is always full of cordiality. Being fully responsible is my working attitude which I stick to. Once I devote myself to my job, I always give my best. In the meanwhile, I made good use of night time to gain my BA degree which enabled me to be ready for entering the next step of my career plan.

    In a competitive environment such as nowadays, sustaining flexibility, abundant energy and continuous learning are key to keeping myself ahead of others. Hear for a long time your company great reputation, is it have honor this can invest service conduct example of your company to hope, thank you for your cordial kind consideration, hope to receive your reply

    . I hope deeply you can give me further chance to serve your company.

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  • 請幫我順一順英文作業之應徵函

    Dear Sir:

    I have learned from my uncle that the situation of a technician in your factory is vacant, and I wish to offer my service for it.

    I am 24 years of age, and have worked for eight years in a similar position for Taining Machine Industries Co., Ltd.

    I should welcome a personal interview at your convenience and enclosing a brief personal history. Thanks for your close attention and I am looking forward to your favorable reply.

    Very truly yours,


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