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  • Buy a mobile via website but haven't received the parcel?

    Hi guys,

    I ordered a simfree mobile phone thru the website:

    They claimed to deliver the goods on next working days, but until now I haven't received anything from them even an email notification. (it has been almost 2 weeks)

    The website order tracker always shows my order despatched. My credit card has been debited successfully, but after I sent dozens of emails there still no words from them.

    I'm really mad. What should I do?

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  • 請問國外手機租約到期後,能否帶回台灣使用?

    我在英國簽12個月的手機租約,門號是3 Network,機子是Sony Ericsson K608i。

    想問問有類似經驗的大大,如果租約到期我是否能保留機子?(為了辦這支我還押了150 GBP的deposit....@_@)又聽說國外手機會鎖系統,只能用該業者門號。我回去後若還希望繼續使用同一支手機,搭配國內3G門號的話,要怎麼去解鎖?是到期後自動會解,還是我需要請客服幫忙?回台灣後又有哪些程序需要去辦?(灌中文軟體或輸入法)

    希望有先進予以說明指教,不勝感激<(_ _)>萬一沒有滿意答案,小弟也不吝移除....先感謝各位解答!

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