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  • ever bought LA Kings jerseys @ before?

    I want to buy a Kings jersey, and I stumbled upon this website ( It's got jerseys on everyone, reasonable pricing, and free shipping everywhere! My question is, is this website legit? Has anyone actually bought jerseys from this website? If so, how were their products (claims to be official Reebok). THanks!

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  • Outstanding common shares and....?

    Besides outstanding common shares of stock for a company, what other kinds of shares are there, and what is the difference between them? Is one unit of share worth more than another unit of the different kind of share?

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  • what's the Final Fantasy XII battle system like?

    I have not seen or play the game. But from what I hear, it has a new battle system that is no longer turn-based like the 10+X2 Final Fantasys before. And from what I am hearing, is it like a Secret of Mana and The Legend of Zelda format? If not, then what other game's does it resemble? Thanks.

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