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It is not the end of beginning, not even the beginning of the end. When one tends to learn TRUTH, that is the long-term story for chase. One never fails, unless he/she chooses to be a loser. According to Matt Ridley's book entitled "Nature via Nurture" (中譯為"天性與教養"), to be an intellectual there are 25% attributable to shared environment and 25% due to environmental factor of each individual. It is only 50% due to the additively genetic nature. Trust me, you can do it. When you try to read BOOKs and know FACTs, you will see "ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL". Hope to harvest the fruit of Knowledge with you guys, since that is an endless way to look forward. Have a good one and "well met, (guys)!" said Gandalf the White. P.S. Frodo let's go now your wound by the Nazgul needs to be cured only in the Undying Land of Aman, before it is too late... Don't stay in Middle Earth or talk with Mortal Humans too m