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    A Saturn rocket carrying the new United Nations space station was launched this morning from Woomera spaceport in the Australian desert. According to UN spokesman Robert Okawongo,the station is in a pertect orbit 155 miles above the earth\'s surface. The station was built at a cost of eight billion dollars and took six years to construct.


    Meanwhile,in school news : Three hundred students marched in front of the Governor\'s Masion yesterday .They were protesting the increase in tuition at the state university.The march was peaeful except for a conflict between two students and the police when officers asked them to move to the other side of the street. Both students where arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. No one was hurt. Student leaders say another protest will be held next weekend. This time,however, they\'re not taking any chances : They\'ve obtained a permit from the mayor\'s office, so the protest will be entirely legal.

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