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    運輸管理(transportation management) 己有人做,不只是最短路徑規劃(distance),最佳存貨管理,還包括最快路徑規劃(time),resource allocation (truck and rail management), realtime tracking system...etc. 汽車公司用來track 汽車運輸過程,以減低cost.通常不同時間有不同的pricing contracts with different trucking companies... 基本上是optimization, cost reduction, and tracking system. Honda 一年可省several million dollars(not much but it's a great bonus) by using the system , so does Toyota, and other automakers. 但some major automakers do NOT own the system, they just use it. The software usually is provided by a small company. Toyota has it's own software developed by Toyota North America. Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Isuzu, VW, Audi, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz and some other smaller manufacturers, they all used third party software system. But so far only Toyota and Honda can drive out some profits out of this type of system. Ford and GM are still trying to do this system by themselves, but they are about to give up.

    So far, there is no known lawsuits in this sector. There are only a handful of the companies in US are doing this. There isn't much you can patent on a system like this. Almost everything is a knwon factor, just need to put things together.

    The next generation will be adding the RFID and GPS into the system, many companies are working on this as I speak. This is not only used in the automobile industry, but also used by/can be used by high-value products industries. RFID and GPS will involve some legal issues in the future, since there is no set standard for RFID. GPS is not used almost everywhere. Combining the two, you can do a lot with transportation management.

    參考資料: my business experience
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    有關妳在意見中的問題 其實有一點小矛盾大公司原則上不希望有專利訴訟 但是又必須積極防禦自己的智慧財產權遭人侵害 所以公司法務的角色未來將會重要

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