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有下載VIEW DOAWING,卻無法大畫面瀏覽,更不能列印,請知道的人請幫幫忙!謝謝

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    推薦你用 "MYRIAD® 7.0", 請看以下軟體介紹:

    Title: MYRIAD

    Version: 7.0

    OS: Windows 2000/XP/2003

    Size: 48.8 Mb

    Release Date: 11/11/2004

    MYRIAD® is a multi-format viewer that allows Windows users to view, print, and markup office documents, images, and 2D/3D CAD files without requiring access to the native authoring software. MYRIAD is very easy to use and provides the tools users need, but it doesn't require them to become software experts to use them.

    Used by thousands of engineering, manufacturing, and construction companies worldwide since 1991, MYRIAD is a proven and trusted brand.

    Key features include:

    * View, markup, and print 2D and 3D CAD files and models, graphical images, and office documents (這點就符合你的需求了)

    * Compare revisions

    * Easy markup review with Changemarks® feature

    * Advanced scale to print features, with banners and watermarks

    * Measure lengths, areas, perimeters, and geometry

    * Publish 3D models as either a set of interactive image views, or in our content sealed Visual Rights™ protected 3DF format viewable by our free ModelPress Reader.

    * View the complete feature list


    000 HPGL Plot File 000

    3D Studio Model (all versions, 3D Studio Max not supported) 3DS

    906/907 Plot File 906/907

    ACIS (3D only) SAT

    Anvil 5000 Preview AXP

    ASCII Text TXT

    AutoCAD 2D Drawings and 3D Models (and 3D with SAT) (versions 2000 - 2005, R12 - R14) DWG

    AutoCAD DXF (versions 2000 - 2005, R12 - R14) DXF

    AutoCAD Web Format DWF

    AutoRender STL

    AutoShade Rendering RND

    Auto-trol Raster DX

    Auto-trol Vector DG


    CAD Overlay RLC

    CALS Group IV CAL, G4, GP4, MIL

    CompuServe Graphics GIF

    Computer Graphics Metafile Group IV CGM



    Formtek Raster FTK

    GSA Navy DIF DIF

    GTX Group III, IV G3, G4

    GTX Runlength RNL

    HP CAD ME10 (through version 10) CMI, MI

    HPGL Plot PLT

    IGC Stream File ISF

    Initial Graphics Exchange 2D and 3D (version 5.2) IGS, IGES, VDA

    MicroStation Drawing (through version 8.0) DGN

    MicroStation Group IV CIT

    MicroStation Runlength RLE

    Inventor 2D and 3D (5.3, 6.0 - 9.0)** IPT, IAM, IDW

    ISO 8613/CALS ISO

    JPEG Compressed Image JPG, JPEG

    MYRIAD Symbol Library Format SYM

    MYRIAD Markup Format MRK

    OrCAD Design (version 9.2 and higher) DSN

    PC Paint PCX


    Portable Document Format PDF

    Portable Network Graphic PNG

    PostScript PS

    Pro/Engineer Model, Neutral, and Render (version 19 or higher) ASM, PRT, NEU*

    Pro/Engineer Render SLP

    Raytheon G4 / Navy DIF DIF

    Rich Text Format RTF

    SolidWorks Drawings and Assemblies (2D and 3D) (thru 2005) SLDDRW, SLDASM, SLDPRT

    Solid Edge Drafts, Parts, and Assemblies (versions 8 - 16) DFT, PAR, PSM, ASM

    STEP (through version AP214) STEP*

    Stereolithography (version 1.0) STL

    Tagged Image File TIF, TIFF

    Virtual Reality Modeling Language (1.0, 2.0) WRL

    Wavesoft (Motorola) MOT

    Windows Bitmap BMP


    以上資訊摘自 Informative Graphics Corporation


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    DWG格式可以Corel Draw開啟為向量檔。

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  • 2 0 年前

    DWG Viewer 可快速檢視 AutoCAD 的 DWG 圖檔並提供列印功能,本套軟體並非以 OLE 的方式開啟檔案,使用者之電腦無需安裝 AutoCAD 相關套裝軟體。

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