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    noun [U] --不可數名詞

    things that are considered to be useless, worthless, or of low quality

    Ex: I cleared all the junk out of the garage.

    2.Junk food is food that is not good for your health because it is high in fat, sugar, or artificial substances.

    3.Junk mail is mail, usually advertising products or services, that is sent to people although they have not asked to receive it:

    Ex:There's a letter for you and the rest is junk mail.

    4.A junkyard is a place, often a large open area, where useless or unwanted items are left and stored, and sometimes sold.


    noun [U] 也是不可數

    anything that is worthless and of low quality; waste

    Ex: We filled three cans with trash from the garage.

    1.A trash bag is a large plastic bag that holds waste.

    2.A trash bin is a large container for holding waste:

    Ex: There were several trash bins behind the store.

    3.A trash compactor is a device that crushes waste so that it fits into less space.

    garbage (WASTE)

    noun [U] 還是不可數

    waste material, esp. unwanted food, or a container in which waste is kept

    Ex: There will be no regular garbage collection Monday.

    She threw the cheese in the garbage.


    garbage (NONSENSE)

    noun [U]

    nonsense, or worthless ideas or things

    Ex: He was talking a lot of garbage about women being unfit to serve in the military.

    junk and trash還另有動詞的用法




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    junk:Old metal, glass, paper, etc. of small marketable value; hence, any jumble of almost worthless articles. 零星廢物(廢金屬、玻璃、紙張等);廢棄的舊貨;舊貨。 Pieces of cordage, cable, etc. used in making mats, for calking, etc.纜繩屑段(作鋪墊、填塞船底等用者)。 trash:That which is worthless or useless; refuse or rubbish. 無價值之物;無用之物;垃圾。 Parts broken off, as leaves, twigs, corn husks, etc. 破碎物(如樹葉、小枝、穀皮等)。 garbage:Waste animal or vegetable matter from a kitchen, market, etc.; offal. 垃圾;廢物。 Anything worthless or filthy. 無價值之物;污穢之物。 Inaccurate or useless data. 不準確數據;無用數據

    參考資料: 顏氏美語
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