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再請大大幫我翻譯一下(Data Analysis)





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    The mobility that the single chair moves is relatively strong, and the style and changing variously, must pay attention to it with other space whole coordination besides considering that match with the guest while choosing. Because single the chair can put a part regarded as the sofa or that very important " treasure chair " of house recreation in the sitting room

    Single chair various in style, can apply to have single seat , highest-ranking imperial concubine chair , function rocking chair , wooden rattan make rocking chair , is it lie dual-purpose cool chair and short chair to take sitting room to usually. The single seat is a seat like a person in the sofa. Besides activating the color of sitting room , can also increase the mobility of moving the line in the sitting room , can place the single seat on the position of the rightest platform at any time.

    The function of the single chair is for the restriction of changing or filling the modelling of the sofa and color , so the material of the single chair is different from color is and sofa mostly.

    Expression abundant single chair is it coordinate sitting room and wanting horning among the sofa to become naturally. Want to create the house style that has sentiment even more , can dispose a modelling , tone comparatively great looking forward , striking single seat , can gain the space even more after displaying the independent individual character.

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  • 2 0 年前

    The single seat has greater mobility, not to mention its great variety of styles and designs. When purchasing, not only do we need to consider its coordination with the living room but also it is a good idea to pay attention to the harmony with the area as a whole. The single seat could be placed in the living room as part of the sofa or it could be the very crucial 'king's bench' in our everyday living.

    Variety of single seats span widely. Most conventionally it is used in our living rooms as seat for one person, royal maid chair, functional rocking chair, cane rocking chair, dual purpose hot chair and low bench. Single seat acts as if it is an one-seat sofa. Besides the function of spicing up the living-room, it serves the purpose of enhancing mobility of living room furniture re-arrangement, we can at any time shift the single seat to anywhere preferred.

    Single seats serve the function of creativity as well as making up to the sofa when the sofa is limited in style or colour. Therefore most frequently, material and colour used for the single-seat differs from the sofa.

    A single seat instinctively becomes a key player in co-ordinating between the living room and the sofa due to its rich expressions. Better atmosphere in our style of living is possible with a bold and bright single seat. besides presenting an independent character for the owner, it actually saves some space.

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