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A gay and lesbian outreach program for Coors Brewing Co.


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    (A) (gay and lesbian) (outreach program) (for Coors Brewing Co.)

    (article) (noun phrase used as an adj.) (noun compound) (prep. phrase)

    If "outreach" is a verb, then the sentence should go grammatically like the following:

    "A gay and a lesbian outreach a program for Coors Brewing Co."

    But this sentence is weird and incomprehensible.

    It seems we miss two articles "a" here.

    Therefore, we may rewrite the original phrase as a sentence.

    "A program designed for Coors Brewing Co. outreaches gays and lesbians."

    Then it's semantically clear.

    That is, 庫爾斯啤酒公司拉攏同性戀者的宣傳活動.

    Hope I eliminate your doubt.

    Good day!

    2005-01-20 10:51:39 補充:

    I didn't mean that the phrase is weird and incomprehensible, instead I was referring that it would be strange if you mistakened this phrase for a complete sentence. Of couse, this is some headline of a column or an article. I didn't deny it. And the headline is good and brief.

    參考資料: my personal opinion
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    Coors 啤酒公司針對同性戀的外展方案

    Outreach program is usually under the PR (public relations) department. It's main functions are to reach out to the target community and establish connections. Usually they go into the community and listen to what they want/need and make changes or create products toward that target market. It can also be used as a marketing tool to collect information from particular target group.

    參考資料: Personal experience
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    outreach 達到 能夠



    Co. 公司的簡寫

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  • 郁文
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    同性戀者為Coors 釀造公司做節目造勢。

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