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    The Ultimate Experience

    BridgeClimb is a 3½ hour adventure and an experience that will never be forgotten on one of the world's most modern wonders … The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    1.Climb Preparation:

    The BridgeClimb experience begins with a comprehensive briefing and safety demonstration to prepare you for the Climb of Your Life!

    2.The View:

    The exhilaration and personal satisfaction achieved by reaching the top of the Bridge is rewarded by the breathtaking view that lies before you as you scale up the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

    3.Climb Time Periods:

    BridgeClimb operates every day (except 30 and 31 December), from early morning through to evening. Climbers depart in groups of 12 at up to 10-minute intervals, so there are plenty of options when choosing your Climb. Although bookings may be made on the day, our Climbs can sell out in advance and we recommend booking ahead to avoid the disappointment of missing your preferred date and time.

    Upon booking your Climb, you'll need to specify which Climb period you would like to experience this unique adventure. BridgeClimb can be experienced during the following periods.


    You get a real overall sense of Sydney from the harbour and Opera House, across to the coastline and right out to the Blue Mountains. Climbing in the day has a vibrant, bustling, energetic feel. In every direction you look you're bowled over by an awesome view of the world's most beautiful harbour. Nothing else in Sydney gives you this breathtaking perspective.


    At twilight you get the best of both worlds with the transition from day to twilight happening as you move through the Climb. It's amazing seeing all the colours across the sky and city changing as the day closes down and the night sets in. Coming down the bridge as the city lights start to come on you sense the night world coming alive.


    Those that have Climbed at night describe the Climb as a totally different kind of experience - something like a 'magical adventure as you hike up towards the heavens'. The night has a really intimate feel. You're enclosed in a blanket of darkness with just the bridge lights illuminating the structure in huge shadows. Once you get to the top it's amazing, you can see the lights across the Sydney metropolitan area. You're right up there.

    4.Points to Consider:

    Before your Climb, there are a few points you need to consider.

    a. The Climb is a 3½-hour experience, from the time of check-in to return to base at 5 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney.

    b. BridgeClimb tickets are for a specific time and date, and are a non-refundable purchase. Climbers must arrive 15 minutes before their confirmed Climb time to check in, as Climbs cannot be held for late arrivals.

    c. Climbers must be over 12 years of age. A child Climber (12 to 16 years inclusive) must be accompanied by an adult Climber at all times, with a limit of two children per adult.

    d. It is important to consider any health or medical issues that may impact your ability to participate in the Climb safely.

    e. If you intend to conquer your fear of heights by climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you are not alone. Many of our most satisfied Climbers are those who have overcome the same fear.

    f. Avoid alcohol before the Climb. Every Climber must pass a breath test, for a blood-alcohol limit of less than 0.05%.

    g. All Climbers must sign a declaration and disclaimer after checking-in for the Climb, and must satisfy BridgeClimb's terms of trade.

    h. BridgeClimb offers Auslan Climbs (Australian Sign Language) twice a month.

    i. All Climbers receive a commemorative personalised Climber Certificate and a complimentary group photograph, with all Climbers in the group receiving an identical photograph. Additional individual photographs are also taken by each group's Climb Leader and can be purchased after the Climb.

    j. Be ready to wear our BridgeSuit over your own clothing. Lockers are provided, as loose objects cannot be taken onto the Bridge including cameras and video recorders.

    k. All Climbers must wear enclosed rubber-soled shoes such as running, sport or hiking shoes, which offer comfort, support and grip. PVC and leather-soled shoes are not suitable.

    l. BridgeClimb operates in all weather conditions, with the exception of electrical storms and extremely high wind. Be assured that Climber safety is our priority and we provide all the necessary gear to ensure a fantastic experience. In the event a Climb is postponed, we will offer an alternative departure date and time of your choice. Please note that Climbs are only postponed at BridgeClimb's discretion.

    There is no adventure like it in the world view like it feeling like it!

    Come and feel the thrill of making your way over 1,500 metres of steel as you venture across catwalks, ladders and arches.

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    這是有關於在澳洲的雪梨港大橋所辦的一項攀橋活動,希望這個回答符合你的需要. Good luck to you!

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