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Hiking Your Way to Better Health Take a Hike! By Carol Sorgen WebMD Feature Reviewed By Gary Vogin, MD Looking for a way to get in shape while enjoying the great outdoors? Just lace up a pair of sturdy shoes and start walking. "Hiking is a wonderful way not only to participate in aerobic exercise, but also to clear your head," says board-certified family physician Ray Sahelian, MD, who not only recommends hiking to his patients but also practices what he preaches by hiking regularly in the mountains near his Southern California home. Texas allergist William Howland, MD, who says he's "just a guy who likes to be outdoors," is another hiking enthusiast, both professionally and personally. "Hiking offers benefits for both the mind and body," he says. In the first place, hiking (which can be as moderate as a walk around your block or as strenuous as a mountain climb) is a weight-bearing exercise, which helps prevent osteoporosis, Howland explains. Being outside in the sunshine, which provides the body with vitamin D, is another bone-healthy reason for putting one foot in front of the other. Because hiking is an aerobic exercise, it offers important cardiovascular benefits, says Sahelian. "Going up and down hills gives the heart a great workout." What's more, hiking can also help you manage your weight, possibly reduce, or even eliminate, your need for insulin if you have Type 2 diabetes, and is a joint-friendly form of exercise that can keep arthritis sufferers more limber and mobile. Hiking offers psychological benefits as well, say Sahelian and Howland. "There's a feeling of relaxation and enhanced well-being that comes on after a few-mile hike in the woods," says Sahelian. "Hiking takes you away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life," says Howland. "It can put you into a meditative space, almost like self-hypnosis." Almost anyone can hike at some level, say the doctors, but they caution that if you have any type of hypertension or heart disease, you should get your doctor's go-ahead before attempting uphill hikes. Even if you are healthy, says Sahelian, don't rush right off to your nearest mountainside. Train first by taking long walks on a flat surface, and also walking up and down steps or using an inclined treadmill in the gym to get in shape. "Don't push yourself, and use common sense as you build up your endurance," Howland says. You don't need a hiking trail per se to walk -- walking around your own neighborhood is just as effective from a fitness standpoint as going to a park, but if you would like to put a little distance between yourself and the sidewalks you see every day, the American Hiking Society (AHS) can provide you with free information to guide you to one of the country's more than 170,000 miles of trails. Log on to www.AmericanHiking.org or call (800) 607-5509. AHS is so gung-ho on the health benefits of hiking that the theme of this year's annual National Trails Day (June 1) is "Trails for Health." "The theme underscores the health benefits of hiking and other outdoor recreational activities," said Mary Margaret Sloan, AHS president, in announcing the campaign. "Spending time outside, whether I'm hiking or climbing, enables me to incorporate exercise into my life in a way I love," said "Trails for Health" spokesman Erik Weihenmayer, the first blind mountain climber to scale five of the world's seven tallest peaks, including Mt. Everest, and who is set to climb the last two later this year. Besides Weihenmayer's visual challenges, he also suffers from seasonal allergies. If you do too, the thought of sniffing and sneezing your way along a woodland trail might not sound too appealing. Allergies, however, needn't keep you indoors, says Howland. New developments in medications -- from once-a-day prescription nasal sprays to eye drops to antihistamines such as Allegra or Claritin, which don't cause drowsiness -- mean that most allergy sufferers can enjoy almost 1total relief from their symptoms with no side effects. Howland advises those with allergies to stick to prescription medications and avoid over-the-counter allergy remedies which often cause drowsiness. "You don't want to be on a challenging trail and suddenly find you're sleepy," he says. So, it looks like there's pretty much no reason at all for you not to walk out your front door ... and keep on going. "Hiking is an enjoyable, non-competitive, aerobic exercise that you can do in the city or the country, says Howland. What's not to like about that? The American Hiking Society offers these tips for safe hiking: Before you head out for your hike, make sure you look over a trail map and bring it with you. Take a compass with you and tell a friend what your planned route will be. Know the appropriate pace or activity level for you, based on your health and fitness level. Bring along plenty of food and water to keep your energy level up and to keep yourself well-hydrated. Apples, granola, or trail mix combine protein, carbohydrates, and a bit of fat to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Drink water before leaving on your hike and while you are walking -- even if you don't feel thirsty. Dress for the weather. Take along a waterproof jacket and hat in case of unexpected rain (or snow). Make sure you have properly fitted hiking boots. Choose a shoe that has plenty of room for your toes and has a snug, comfortable heel. The shoe should have solid support and good cushioning. This is especially true if you're going to be hiking on uneven terrain. Pack a first-aid kit, pocketknife, matches, and flashlight. Protect your skin from sunburn with sun block. Use an SPF of 15 or higher. UV-rated sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. If you do suffer from seasonal allergy symptoms, don't forget your prescription antihistamine. If you are allergic to insect stings, make sure you carry your emergency kit with you. Wash your hair and clothes after spending time outdoors to get rid of the pollen you may have picked up outdoors. Originally published May 27, 2002. Reviewed by Gary D. Vogin, MD

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    把你的方法大幅度增加成身體健康徒步﹗ 透過頌歌Sorgen WebMD特色評論由蓋理Vogin創作,尋找一種方法在喜愛露天時在外形上到達的MD? 請系上一雙堅決的鞋和開始走。 "徒步旅行是一種令人驚嘆的模式不僅參加有氧運動, 而且恢復精神", 不僅推薦大幅度增加成他的病患的MD,董事會證明的家庭醫師射線Sahelian 說, 但是也慣例他透過定期在在他的南加利福尼亞家附近的山徒步旅行宣傳的。 得克薩斯變態回應學家威廉豪蘭,MD,誰說他"誰喜歡在戶外的一小伙子實在", 既專職又親自,作另一個徒步旅行的熱中者。 "為兩個身心大幅度增加報價好處",他說。 首先, 徒步旅行,(可能在你的街區周遭象一次散步一樣適度或者象一座山爬的一樣奮發) 是一個忍受重量的練習,這幫助防止骨質疏松,豪蘭解釋。 在陽光裡在外面,這為身體提供維生素D,是另一個在另一個的前面放一英尺的健康骨頭的原因。 因為徒步旅行是一種有氧運動,它提供重要的心血管的好處,Sahelian 說。 "上上下下小山給心大的體育鍛鍊。 "而且, 徒步旅行幫助你管理你的重量,無論如何降低,或者甚至消除也能, 你的對胰島素的需要如果你有2 類型糖尿病,並且是一個能保持關節炎患者更柔軟和移動的練習的共同友好的形式。 徒步旅行報價心理好處也,說Sahelian 和豪蘭。 "有一種鬆弛的感覺,提升在在樹林幾英里徒步旅行之后發展的安寧",Sahelian 說。 "徒步旅行從處帶走你吵吵鬧鬧你日常生活",說豪蘭。 "它能把你放進沈思的空間,幾乎喜歡自我催眠。 "幾乎任何人能在一些步徒步旅行, 說那些醫生, 但是你有任何類高血壓或者心臟病如果,你應該有在試圖上坡徒步旅行之前的你的醫生的批准的他們小心。 即使你健康,Sahelian 說,立刻不沖到你的最近的山腰。 首先透過在一個平面上參加長距離步行訓練, 以及來回走台階或者在體育館裡使用一個傾斜的轉鼓試驗台在外形上拿到。 "當你增加你的忍耐時,不要策勵自己,並且使用常識",豪蘭說。 你不本來需要一條散步的小路走 -- 在你自己的附近周遭走走由於作為去一個公園的一個健康觀點一樣有效, 但是如果你想把一段小距離放在你自己和行人穿越道之間你每天看見, 大幅度增加社會(AHS)的美國人能為你提供免費訊息引導你到國家的小徑的超過170,000英里之一。 對www.AmericanHiking.org記錄到上或者叫(800)607-5509。 AHS 如此gung在健康津貼那兒的徒步旅行的上, 健康的小徑,今年的每年國家小徑天(6月1日)的主題是"。 ""那些主題強調那些健康津貼的徒步旅行和其他戶外娛樂活動的, "瑪莉‧麥格麗特‧斯隆說,AHS 總統,在宣佈運動過程中。 "在外面度過時間, 我正徒步旅行還是攀登, 使我能夠把鍛鍊到我的生活編入我愛"的一種模式, "健康的小徑"發言人艾利克Weihenmayer 說, 按比例的第一個盲的登山運動員世界的7 個最高的山峰中的5 個, 包括高山聖母峰,並且誰準備今年年底攀登上次兩。 除Weihenmayer的視覺挑戰以外,他也受季節性的過敏性回應之苦。 如果你也做,沿著林地痕跡的聞和打噴嚏的你的路的想法可能不發出太請求。 過敏性回應,不過,不必在屋裡保持你,豪蘭說。 在藥物方面的新發展 -- 從指示鼻水霧在眼睛掉到抗組織胺的藥物(例如Allegra或者Claritin),不引起昏睡的一日子一次 -- 意味著沒有副作用,大多數過敏性回應患者幾乎能享受1total減輕他們的症狀。 豪蘭建議有過敏性回應的那些堅持處方藥物並且避免經常引起昏睡的買賣雙方直接交易的過敏性回應治療法。 "你不想要在富于挑戰性的痕跡上並且突然發現你想睡",他說。 因此,看起來象確實幾乎沒理由要你不走出去你的前門 ... 並且繼續去。 "徒步旅行是一令人愉快,非具有競爭性,你能在城市或者國家做的有氧運動,豪蘭說。 什麼將不關於那喜歡? 大幅度增加社會的美國人提供這些保險罩徒步旅行的訊息︰ 在你前往你的徒步旅行之前,保證你檢查一張痕跡地圖並且與你帶來它。 帶著一個指南針並且告訴一位朋友你計畫的路線將是什麼。 為你知道合適的步伐或者活動程度,基于你的健康水準。 帶著足夠的食品和水繼續你的體能狀況並且保持你自己成氫氧化物得好。 蘋果,格蘭諾拉燕麥片,或者痕跡混合結合蛋白質,保持你血糖步穩定的碳水化合物,和一點油脂。 在在你的徒步旅行上離開之前和當你走時,喝水 -- 即使你不感到口渴。 為天氣穿。 如果想不到的雨(或者雪),沿著一件防水的短上衣和帽子帶。 保證你已經正確地適合行軍靴。 選擇有許多的你的腳趾的空間並且有一個溫暖而舒適,舒適的足跟的一雙鞋。 這雙鞋應該有固體的支持和好緩沖。 如果你將要在參差不齊的地形上徒步旅行,這特別真實。 包裝一個急救藥箱,小刀,比賽和閃光燈。 用太陽塊保護你的皮膚擋住晒黑。 使用15或者更高的SPF。 紫外線評價的墨鏡保護你的眼睛擋住有害的紫外線。 你受季節性過敏性回應症狀之苦如果,不忘記你抗組織胺的藥物的指示。 如果你對昆蟲有過敏性回應,蟄,保證你帶著你的緊急事件工具。 在在戶外度過時間擺脫你可能在戶外拿的花粉之后,洗你的頭髮和衣服。 最初出版2002年5月27日。 由蓋理D. Vogin,MD 評論

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