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translate the chem experiment

1. In a fume hood pour the solvent (or 'mobile phase') to the depth of about 5mm in a 100mL beaker. Cover with cling film.

2. Imagine a faint line on the TLC chip about 1 cm from one end, and place along the line one spot of: the salicylic acid solution provided , your extract

3. when the spots have dried, carefully place thevchip in the beaker

4. allow the solvent to dry in a fume hood and tip the residual solvent down a fume hood sink with lots of water.

2nd experiment

1. write down a method for determining the identity of your unknown using the melting points of mixtures of your unknown with urea and cinnamic acid. make the mixtures by grinding together samples of your unknown and either cinnamic acid oor urea in a mortar and pestle. The mixtures must be very intimately ground together.

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    1. 在抽風櫃中將溶劑(或移動相)到入100毫升的展開瓶中,溶劑深度約5毫米。用封口膜封住瓶口。

    2. 在TLC片上描繪出一條離末端1公分的細線,並且將你的萃出液:水揚酸溶液點在細線上面。

    3. 當點在細線上的溶劑揮發乾後,小心地將TLC片放置至於展開瓶中。

    4. 讓溶劑在抽風櫃中揮發至乾,並且將殘留的溶劑混入大量清水後到入抽風櫃的水槽中。

    ps. TLC means Thin Layer Chromatography (薄層層析)。


    1. 寫下經由將你的未知物和尿酸以及肉桂酸混和後混合物熔點的量測,進而決定未知物的方法。混和物的製備是利用研缽以及杵將未知物和肉桂酸或尿酸擣碎後混和。混和物必須非常均勻的一起研磨。

    ps. 這兩個應該都是整個實驗的一小部分吧,文句再自己斟酌吧.....

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