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hot date??


什麼是hot date?


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    除了當作 Hot Woman (通常指性感的女性) 以外其實 hot date 還是可以指 有性暗示的約會

    Remember to wear your fancy underwear on a hot date; you don't want her to see your under wear wrinkled and yellow.

    有HOT DATE的時候內衣要穿漂亮一點 你總不希望他看到你皺皺發黃的內衣吧!

    也就是說 Hot date 常常會是要上床的 懂唄

    ex 1. Has Saturday always been hot date night for the two of you? Having your hot date switched to other nights could leave you feeling empty on Saturday. So decide what specific "hours" you need your spouse to set aside for off-time.

    ex 2. I'm a feminist and I would not be caught dead in daggy undies on a hot date

    ex3. Keep things cold on a hot date with the object of your desires

    ex4. What she wants is to be told to get dressed up (provided she has something) because she's being taken on a HOT date.

    這是網路上的文章 在此處hot date 是特別指 浪漫火辣的約會 (不是指人喔)


    PS 許多人回答時真的很用心 或許在做評論時可以先查證再說 且用詞應該更謹慎


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    Hot date = Your date is soooooooo hot

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    抱歉, 只有馬龍的回答是對的.

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    The girl you meet on a date is very sexy (of course, if you are a guy). Hot date means the girl.

    參考資料: TV sitcom
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    hot date 意指熱情的約會


    其實使用hot date 的話, 是想讓聽的人特別注意到這個約會是有"搞頭"的!

    date 在使用上就比較普遍一點


    但"不見得"一定沒有身體上的接觸, 哪也是有可能發生的


    參考資料: 個人經驗
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