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New Calendar: 2005-2006 Academic Year

> >The new calendar is up! Check the website at the same time you are

checking student weekly reports. (Or pick up a hard copy in the


> >

> >Swim Team!

> >Next year we plan on offering several levels of swim team.

> >To start things going, here is a preliminary offer! We are forming


13 and over team for students who can swim reasonably well and want to


better. Just show up!

> >Time: Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 2:45 to 4:45el smooth

over the last 15 minutes of class since this is SO important! Wel


provide transportation to the Boys & Girls Club (just one exit away at

Lomas Santa Fe), and you can pick your child up there.

> >Try it once for free if you like, and if you like it, its just $75.

This program is through the existing program at the San Dieguito Boys


Girls Club of Solana Beach (nominal yearly membership fee


program runs daily during the school week and we can provide transport


3 of the 5 days. By the way, the coach, Richard, is ore than a


a terrific mentor. This is a great program which has trained athletes


the Olympic Trials and many of the local SD lifeguards.

> >

> >Can You Handle the Truth?!: This Week's Feature Article

> >All week long I talk to kids. If I not talking to kids, chances

are I

 talking to teachers who just got through talking to kids. After a

while, a few things I hear fall into such strong patterns that they


obvious. So Il tell you what obvious to me now: kids


wish they could be really heard and understood by their parents (and

teachers, or course). They don normally want to be fixed by you, and

they don normally want us to go out and punch the mean person in the


on their behalf; they mainly just want to be understood.

> >Let be honest: Are you really open to your teen? r when your


is talking are you really focusing on your own preexisting views,

fears, or

beliefs about what you are hearing. Are you spending 50% of your


time thinking up answers, or are you 100% there. Spiritually grounded


have parents who truly enjoy listening to them.

> >Here something Ie learned about all this. Do you want to know


of the main reasons your kids don tell you things that they


like to tell you? They believe that you couldn handle it!

> >

> >Slam Dunk

> >Congratulations to sophomore poetry slammer Laurie Rane (?7) and

teacher John Rubio for performing in the Rancho Buena Vista oetry

Slam?last week. John was quoted in the NC Times as saying, his is a

great opportunity to see wheat type of creativity these kids have

inside of

them.? Great show!

> >

> >Teen Scene, Call Encinitas Community Center

> >This program offers a variety of classes including Golf, Tennis,


Soccer. Session III begins week of March 22. Register today. If


get together and get 3 or more participants, our school will provide

transportation to and from sports.

> >

> >Faculty ennys?> >Our faculty members have just been presented

with a

new dental plan. Currently, faculty benefits include a first-rate 403B

retirement plan, a choice of excellent medical plans, dental, nd


with the area kindest families in the area most caring school, and


the most brilliant faculty. It all adds up to a great package, we


Endowment funding, coming as a part of our capital campaign, will

enable us

to do more still to attract and retain the best for your children.

> >

> >Yearbook fees are due (From Clayton)

> >The school intrepid yearbook staff has been hard at work all year

creating another in a line of great Grauer School yearbooks bursting at


seams with memories caught, full color, on camera. This week, we need


collect the $50 fee from each student to guarantee that everybody gets


copy at the end of the year. Clayton (this year advisor) will be


around during the first period classes this week to exchange the fee

for a

receipt of purchase. For samples of the yearbook layout, you can either

stop by Clayton room, or see the two sample pages framed in the


> >


> >1. Thanks for The Car Donation

> >Thanks go out to alumni parents Dr. Jeff Pressman and Dr. Nancy

Kollisch (Mindy, ?3) for the donation of a car!

> >

> >2. Thanks to Parents Who Signed Up

> >Washington Mutual (WaMoola for Schools program) and Albertson


offer donation programs for all their customers. We just got two nice

checks from each of these organizations. Just sign up when you are


business with either. Thanks to all of you who have signed up with


> >And, we got a third check from Schoolpop.como thanks to all of


who logged on to that site and signed up! We really appreciate this


of confidence, and it free to all who sign up.

> >With eScrip, VONS and many others will contribute up to 4% of all


eligible online purchases to The Grauer School. Please log on to


t very easy and makes a difference.

> >

> >3. Scholarship Dollars!!!

> >So many of our parents this year are including the $500 in their

reenrollment deposits for next year. This makes a world of difference.

Our scholarship students are helping us lead the charge in community

service and various leadership initiativeshese scholarships uplift


school and school community. LAST YEAR YOUR SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS


COVERED THE COST OF OUR SCHOLARHIPS! Our dream is one day to have an

endowment fund in this critical area. Thank you!

> >

> >

> >DNA LifePrint

> >A lost child DNA sample submitted to the FBI data bank could be


definitive factor in that child safe return. There is a new product

available, DNA LifePrint, that offers a tremendous advantage over

unreliable means of identification.

> >For one of these kits, you may call Independent distributor Ginny


at 858-453-5498. The kit is simple and quick.

> >

> >

> >Gala!

> >All parents, PLEASE continue to ask for donations for our auction.


need your help in this area to have a great event. Keep two or three

donation forms in your car! More donation forms are available in the

school office in case you need them. Also, please start thinking about

guests you can invite to the gala or people outside our school who


appreciate an invitation. The auctioneer reminded us that the more


we have attend, the more buyers we have and the more successful the


will be.

> >


> >Mark your calendars for a "Grauer first" - a celebration of artistic

achievements this year in drama, music, and the visual arts, to be held


the school grounds June 4th from 11:00-2:00pm. There will be student

performances in drama, poetry reading, and music. There is rumors of


faculty band performance, and a guest appearance of Clayton's band,


There will be a display of student art, a barbecue, and even a


between the faculty and students. Invite your family and friends to


the fun! Hope to see you there! Any questions or suggestions?


see Beth or Isaac.

> >

> >Gifted Students

> >Sophomors and Juniors, check out the Johns Hopkins University


Programs at http:/www.jhu.edu/summerake college level classes with

college studentshat immersion!

> >

> >Service with Surfrider Foundation

> >Sat, Mar 12, 9am-11am

> >Beach Cleanup: Cardiff State Beach

> >Meet on the sand North of Charlie's restaurant. Everyone is welcome


attend our beach cleanups; all you have to do is show up. Volunteers


18 MUST have a parent or guardian present at the beginning of the


to sign a liability waiver before the minor can participate.

> >

> >"Senioritis" can make final year a time of lost opportunity

> >Educators say "senioritis," or the apathy that afflicts many


during their last semester of high school, can affect students'


for life, work and further education. Harvard education professor Nancy

Faust Sizer recommends schools require capstone projects, work


and senior portfolios to make seniors' final year meaningful and

challenging. The Mercury News

> >

> >Districts expand breathalyzer use to fight drinking during the



> >A few districts around the country are moving beyond using

breathalyzers only at dances to screen students suspected of being

intoxicated during the school day. While the policy can withstand court

challenges, observers say it can be extremely controversial and


The New York Times

> >

> >Reading Skills

> >Mikhail Ali, Britain's youngest member of Mensa, is only in nursery

school, but he already can read in English and Arabic. The prodigy's

parents, who say they were too busy and tired to read him stories due


their Internet programming jobs, were concerned that he might have been

disabled because he took so long to start talking. Grunion Gazette

> >

> >Education Book Title of the Week:

> >abel-Free Learning,?by Keefe

> >

> >Quoteweek:

> >Spiritually grounded kids have parents who truly enjoy listening to


> >

> >

> >Poem Introduced at Our Faculty Retreat, Monday, 3/7/05. Pure


and inspiration.

> > he Seven Of Pentacles,?by Marge Piercy

> >

> >Under a sky the color of pea soup

> >she is looking at her work growing away there

> >actively, thickly like grapevines or pole beans

> >as things grow in the real world, slowly enough.

> >If you tend them properly, if you mulch, if you water,

> >if you provide birds that eat insects a home and winter food,

> >if the sun shines and you pick off caterpillars,

> >if the praying mantis comes and the ladybugs and the bees,

> >then the plants flourish, but at their own internal clock.

> >

> >Connections are made slowly, sometimes they grow underground.

> >You cannot tell always by looking what is happening.

> >More than half the tree is spread out in the soil under your feet.

> >Penetrate quietly as the earthworm that blows no trumpet.

> >Fight persistently as the creeper that brings down the tree.

> >Spread like the squash plant that overruns the garden.

> >Gnaw in the dark and use the sun to make sugar.

> >

> >Weave real connections, create real nodes, build real houses.

> >Live a life you can endure: Make love that is loving.

> >Keep tangling and interweaving and taking more in,

> >a thicket and bramble wilderness to the outside but to us

> >interconnected with rabbit runs and burrows and lairs.

> >

> >Live as if you liked yourself, and it may happen:

> >reach out, keep reaching out, keep bringing in.

> >This is how we are going to live for a long time: not always,

> >for every gardener knows that after the digging, after

> >the planting,

> >after the long season of tending and growth, the harvest comes

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    新日曆: 2005 - 2006 學年> > 新日曆是! 你(們)(是)檢查(制止)學生週刊報告的同時檢查(制止)這個 網站 。 (或者在辦公室裡拾起艱難( 硬) 拷貝。 ) > > > >游泳 隊!

    > > 我們明年打算提供游泳隊的幾個水準(層次)。

    > > 開始東西(事情)去, 在這裡是初步出現! 我們(是)形成 13 和在能夠游泳游得合理地好和想要游泳想要得更好的學生的隊上。 剛剛(僅僅)暴露!

    > > 自這以來 2:45 4:45 超過最後的隝E 歓L 平滑(順利) 15 分鐘班級(課)的 Tim e:星期一, 星期二, 和星期四那麼重要! 我們對男孩和俱樂部女孩甚至提供運輸歓L (剛剛(僅僅)一個退場口在 Lomas 鐵 ) , 並且你(們)能夠在那裡接孩子。

    > > 嘗試它(這)一次免費如果你(們)喜歡, 以及你(們)喜歡它(這), 剛剛(僅僅)它的 $75 。

    這個程式是透過 Solana 海灘(岸) Dieguito 男孩和俱樂部女孩的現(存)程式 (名義年度成員資格酬金需要) --星期在這個學校期間程式跑(營運)每日(的)並且我們能夠為 5 天的 3 提供運輸。 順便, 這個車廂(教練), 理查 , 比車廂(教練)是単礦石? 他旧令人恐怖人們者。 這是為本地 側視圖 lifeguards 的奧林匹亞考驗培養運動員和許多的一個很大程式。

    > > > > 罐頭你(們)柄真理(真相)? !: 本週的特性(特點)文章(物件)> > 整個星期長(久)我與小孩談話。 如果我不與小孩談話的観, 機會是我與對小孩剛剛(僅僅)透過, 談話的教師談話的観。 , 一些東西(事情)我過了一會兒聽到陷入如此強壯(強烈)的模式, 以致於他們變得明顯。 所以我告訴你(們)歓L 什麼對旧明顯我現下: 小孩 壓倒地 期望 ,他們能由他們的父母 (和教師, 或者過程(道路)) 確實聽到和理解。 他們你(們)通常想要固定急, 並且他們通常想要我們出去和拳擊他們的利益方面鼻子中的意思人急; 他們主要剛剛(僅僅)想要理解。

    > > 讓旧被誠實: 是你(們)對你(們)的丁字形的確實開嗎? 邮R , 或者關於你(們)(是)聽到的相信(信念)當你(們)的丁字形的(是)談論(談話)時是你(們)確實集中於自己的預先現(存)景觀, 害怕。 是你(們)花費你(們)的聽時間思想的 50% 回答, 或者在那裡是你(們) 100% 。 在精神上落地的小孩有真誠地喜歡聽他們的父母。

    > > 旧某事(某物)我這裡瞭解所有這一切挙E 。 你(們)想要知道主要原因之一你(們)的小孩告訴你(們)東西(事情)急他們渇實際上喜歡告訴你(們)嗎? 他們相信你(們)處理它(這)急!

    > > > > 勁關 泡 > > 到詩歌 Laurie Rane 二年級學生者勁關的祝賀 (? 7 ) 和在 農場 Buena 展望禅 oetry 勁關中完成的 Rubio 教師約翰? 最後的 週 .在 核能力 時代約翰當說時(被)引證了, 他的是看(見)小麥類型有創造力(性)的一個很大機會的荘在他們裡有這些小孩。 ?大的 顯示!

    > > > > 丁字形的舞台, 招喚 Encinitas 團契中心> > 這個程式提供包括高爾夫球, 網球, 和英式足球的許多班級(課)。 會議III 開始3月 22 日的星期。 註冊 今天 .如果學生一起得到和得到 3 或者更多個參與者, 我們的學校從運動(會)和對其(它)將提供運輸。

    > > > >機能 斉 ennys?> > 給我們的本領成員剛剛(僅僅)已經把一個新牙科計畫(被)提供了。 目前, 本領恩惠(津貼)包括一個第一流的 403B 退休計畫, 極好醫學(醫療)計畫的選擇, 牙科的, 在這個地區(範圍)旧大多數汽車學校裡與(這些)地區(範圍)旧最好心的家庭工作的贰折射率, 和以最輝煌的本領。 它(這)所有增加一個很大包以下, 我們想。

    捐贈投資, 作為我們的資本(首都)競選運動的一個部分來, 將允許我們做得更仍然(以)為你(們)的孩子們吸引和保留得最好。

    > > > > 年鑒酬金是應 (從 Clayton 那裡) > > 無畏年鑒職員努力是處於工作狀態的學校旧受到歡迎, 完全顏色, 照相機在用記憶(存儲器)在(這些)接縫爆(發)裂的很大 Grauer 學校年鑒的線(行)方面創造(引起)另一的年。 本週, 我們從每一個學生到每個人都在(這)一年的末尾得到拷貝的保證需要收集(集中) $50 個酬金。 Clayton (今年旧顧問) 在第一個時期班級(課)期間將來(以)用這個酬金換取收到購買本週。 為年鑒布局的樣品, 你(們)能夠或者在 Clayton 旧房間(空間)旁邊停止, 或者看(見)在辦公室裡框架的兩樣品頁。

    > > > >博愛 角 ?Items > >1 .感謝汽車捐贈> > 感謝出去(到) alumni 父母 Jeff 印刷工人博士南施和 Kollisch 博士 (心(頭腦)嗎? 3 ) 為一輛汽車的捐贈!

    > > > >2 .由於簽名> > 華盛頓互相 (對(用 )於 學校程式的 WaMoola ) 和 Albertson 的旧對於所有他們的顧客提供捐贈程式二者。 我們從每一這些組織(機構)剛剛(僅僅)得到了兩個好的支票。 當你(們)用(是)做商業時剛剛(僅僅)簽名二者任一個。 由於與他們簽名的所有你(們)!

    > > 和, 我們從 Schoolpop 得到了一個第三個支票。 由於到那地點(場所)在上面圓木和簽名的所有你(們)的 COM 閙O ! 我們確實欣賞(感謝)(理解)信心旧自由(有空)的這個選票, 和對簽名的所有人它(這)> 。 請對 escrip 在上面採伐木材。 COM 锪T 旧很容易和加以區別。

    > > > >3 .獎學金 Dollars!!!

    > > 今年我們的父母在明年(是)包括他們的再次成為成員沈澱方面的 $500 包括得那麼多。 這構成許許多多差別。

    我們的獎學金學生(是)幫助我們領導團契服務方面的費用(裝料)並且各種領導主動閠 hese 獎學金提升這個學校和學校的團契。 去年你(們)的 獎學金 DONATIONS 幾乎包括我們的 SCHOLARHIPS 的 費用 ! 我們的夢(想)是在這個批評(評論)地區(範圍)有一個捐贈資金的一天。 感謝 你!

    > > > > > > 國防部核子局 LifePrint > > 提交給 聯邦調查局 資料庫的失去的孩子旧 國防部核子局 樣品能是那孩子旧安全返回中的確定原素。 有可用的, 國防部核子局 LifePrint , 的一個新產品在識別的不可靠方法(工具)上提供一個極大優點(優勢)。

    > > 為這些成套用具之一, 你(們)可以(可能)叫(打電話給)獨立配電盤 義大利人 Nagy , 在 858 453 5498 。 成套用具是簡單和快速的。

    > > > > > >節日!

    > > 所有父母, 請為我們的拍賣繼續索要捐贈。

    我們在這個地區(範圍)需要你(們)的幫助有一個很大事件。 使二或者三個捐贈形式(表格)保(堅)持你(們)的汽車! 更多捐贈形式(表格)在你(們)需要他們的假如。 同樣, 請開始考慮你(們)能夠對在外面的 節日 或者人們邀請的賓客誰欣賞(感謝)(理解)邀請的我們的學校。 這個拍賣者提醒了我們 ,那我們有的人出席得, 更多我們有的買方並且事件將成功是。


    > > 記號(成績)你(們)的日曆" 首先 Grauer " - 藝術成就的一個慶祝會(典禮)戲劇, 音樂, 和視覺藝術中的今年, 以從 11:00 2:00鉅 6月 4 日堅持(這些)學校地面。 將有戲劇中的學生表現(作秀), 詩歌閱讀, 和音樂。 有一個本領帶狀物表現(作秀)的 rumors , 和也 Clayton's 的帶狀物的賓客出現(外表)!

    將甚至有學生藝術的顯示(展出), 烤肉 , 和一個拖拉- 本領和學生之間的- 戰爭。 邀請你(們)的家庭和朋友參加這個玩笑! 希望在那裡看(見)你(們)! 任何問題或者建議?

    請看(見) Beth 或者 以撒

    > > > > 有才華學生> > Sophomors 和低級的, 支票出(外)帽 子旧沈浸大學生閠http:/www.jhu.edu/summer閠 ake 學院水準(層次)班級(課)的 Hopkins 大學夏天程式約翰!

    > > > > 具有 Surfrider 基礎的服務> > 停留了, 馬 12 , 9是 - 11是 > > 近海岸的淨化: 狀態海灘(岸)加地夫> > 笨蛋's 的餐館沙子北方上的集會。 每個人都是出席我們的海灘(岸)的歡迎淨化; 你(們)必須做的所有事情(東西)是演出(展覽)。在次要的能夠參與以前, 18 下的志願兵必須在淨化的開始有到場(現存)的一個父親(母親)或者監護人(以)簽上責任放棄者。

    > > > > " Senioritis " 能夠次失去的機會製造最後年> > 教育工作者說" senioritis , " 或者在他們的中學的最後學期期間使許多學生痛楚的 冷淡 , 終身能夠影響學生的準備, 工作和進一步(更遠)的教育。 教育 浮士德 分粒器哈佛大學教授南施建議學校需要頂點設計, 工作 internships 和使高級的最後年有意義的高級的部長職務和挑戰。 水銀新聞> > > > 地區使 呼氣測醉器 用作天(日)在這個學校期間喝的戰鬥膨脹> > 國家(農村)周遭的一些地區除了對螢幕學生把 breathalyzers 用於僅僅跳舞(是)運動(感動)天(日)在這個學校期間陶醉懷疑了。 當(儘管)策略能夠頂住庭院挑戰, 觀察員說它(這)可能是極為有爭議和二黏度的。

    時代紐約> > > > 閱讀(讀數)技術> > Mikhail Ali , 不列顛的 聖壇石頂板 的最年輕的成員, 只在幼稚園學校裡, 但是, 他能夠用英語和阿拉伯已經閱讀。 (這些)奇蹟的父母, 他們太繁忙並且疲勞(厭倦)(以)由於他們的為工作設計的網之間閱讀他故事, 被涉及他可以(可能)已經喪失能力因為他那麼長期拿(以)開始談話誰說, 。 銀漢魚 報紙> > > > 星期中的教育書標題(稱號): > > 潜 亞伯 - 自由(有空)學習? 在 Keefe 旁邊> > > > Quoteweek : > > 落地的小孩在精神上有真誠地喜歡聽他們的父母。

    > > > > > > 在我們的本領撤退, 星期一, 詩歌介紹(導入) 3 / 7 / 05 。 純愉快和靈感。

    > > 荘他 Pentacles 的七? 在 邊 Piercy 旁邊> > > > 在天空下豌豆湯的顏色> > 她(是)考慮她的在那裡生長的工作> > 喜歡 grapevines 或者磁極的大豆喜歡得積極地, 密集(厚)(粗)地> > 作為東西(事情)在現實世界中生長, 慢速地足夠。

    > > 如果你(們)恰當地照管他們, 如果你(們) 護蓋物 , 如果你(們)澆灌, > > 如果你(們)提供鳥, 家和冬天的食品吃昆蟲, > > 如果太陽閃耀並且你(們)離開選擇履帶, > > 如果祈求螳螂來和這瓢蟲和蜜蜂, > > (這些)植物(工廠)那時(然後)繁榮, 但是處於自己的內部(時)鐘狀態。

    > > > > 關聯製造得慢速, 有時他們生長地下(的)。

    > > 你(們)總是透過看一下什麼(是)發生了不能告訴。

    > > 比一半樹多在你(們)的腳(英尺)下的土壤中傳播(展開)。

    > > 突破寂靜地作為不吹(打擊)喇叭的 蚯蚓 。

    > > 持久穩固作為往樹下帶來的躺板戰鬥。

    > > 像超越這個花園的壓扁植物(工廠)那樣的傳播(展開)。

    > > 咬 在暗處和用太陽來做糖。

    > > > > 編織法(品)真實關聯, 創造(引起)真實節點, 建造真實房子。

    > > 生活(居住)一個生活你(們)能夠(是)愛的 endur e:製造愛。

    > > 混亂狀態和交織和拿得在方面更多的保(堅)持, > > 對我們但是外部其(它)的灌木叢和 黑莓 的荒地> > 隨著兔子營運和洞穴和窩相互連接了。

    > > > > 生活(居住)好像你(們)喜歡了自己, 並且它(這)可以(可能)發生了: > > 伸出, 保(堅)持伸出, 使得到保(堅)持> 。

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    反正是用電腦翻的"複製>貼上>全文翻譯>回覆~~~ 純粹樂趣啦~~~

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