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    Lollipops (sometimes spelled lollypops) show up in novels by Charles Dickens and other 19th century writers. Back then, the word referred to sweet lozenges without a stick. Lollipops as we know them today began to appear in the United States right before the Civil War; small bits of sugar candy were put on the ends of pencils for children to nibble on.

    In the 1880's, a New Haven, CT maker of chocolate caramel candy found that putting the candies on a stick made them easier to eat. One customer, George Smith, who was himself in the confectionery business, liked the idea and applied it to the hard candies that he and his partner, Andrew Bradley, made at the Bradley Smith Company.

    In addition to being a candy maker, George Smith enjoyed going to the races and at that time was impressed with a horse named Lolly Pop. Bradley Smith adopted the moniker for its candy on a stick and patented the name in 1931. During the Depression, the company stopped making candy for several years and thus the trademark could not be enforced. Since then, lollipop has been the generic term for the treasured treat, regardless of size, shape or flavor.

    Lollipops (有時被拼寫的lollypops) 出現在小說裡由查爾斯Dickens 和其它19 世紀作家。那時, 詞提到了美好的錠劑沒有棍子。Lollipops 因為我們今天知道他們開始出現在美國在內戰之前; 小糖糖果把放在鉛筆上的末端使孩子啃。 在19 世紀80 年代, 紐黑文, CT 製作商巧克力焦糖糖果發現那把糖果放在棍子上使他們更加容易吃。一名顧客, 喬治・史密斯, 是他自己在糖果店事務, 喜歡想法和嚮他和他的夥伴, 安德魯・布雷得里, 被做在Bradley Smith ・Company 的堅硬糖果申請了它。 除是之外糖果製作者, 喬治・史密斯喜歡去種族並且那時被留下深刻印象對馬被命名Lolly Pop 。1931 年布雷得里・史密斯採取了標記為它的糖果在棍子和給予了專利名字。在消沉期間, 公司被停止做糖果幾年和商標不能因而被強制執行。從那以後, lollipop 是普通期限為被珍惜的款待, 不管大小、形狀或味道。

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