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誰有軟體幫我翻這一頁! HP 創辦人!感恩

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    "Dave and I recognized from the start that invention was the lifeblood of our community. We tried to develop an atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovation," commented William Hewlett, co-recipient of the 1995 Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award with David Packard. Co-founders of the Hewlett-Packard Company, Hewlett and Packard changed the technological landscape with their inventions and innovations in the field of computing.

    Hewlett and Packard first met as undergraduate students at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. After graduation in 1934, Hewlett went to MIT to earn a master's degree in electrical engineering, while Packard worked at General Electric. Following these pursuits, both returned to Stanford—Hewlett to receive his degree of Engineer and Packard to start a fellowship. During this time, the two were encouraged to contribute to the foundation of a technology community in the Palo Alto area, today known as Silicon Valley.

    In 1939 Hewlett and Packard established their enterprise in Packard's garage, and decided on their company name with a coin toss—the result was the Hewlett Packard Company. Their first product was a resistance capacity audio oscillator, based on Hewlett's graduate work, which Walt Disney Studios purchased to produce Fantasia.

    Throughout the years, the company grew and outpaced its competition through technological innovations. Among its most notable accomplishments are the high speed frequency counter (1951)—used by radio stations to meet FCC requirements; the cesium-beam standard clock (1964)—which sets international time standards; the first desktop calculator (1968;) the first scientific hand-held calculator (1972); the first desktop mainframe computer (1982); and the successful HP Laserjet Printer series—a paragon in the industry.

    Originating in Packard's garage with $538 and two employees, the Hewlett-Packard Company has evolved into a $25 billion business with over 98,000 employees and offices in 16 nations.

    Hewlett was born in 1913 in Ann Arbor, Mich. Following his duty as an Army officer in World War II, Hewlett served as President (1964-1977) and Chief Executive Officer (1969-1978) of Hewlett Packard Company, among other positions, ending as Director Emeritus. Hewlett died in 2001.

    Born in Pueblo, Colo., in 1912, Packard served as President of the Hewlett Packard Company (1947-1964), in addition to other leadership positions, culminating with Chairman Emeritus. In 1969, he served at Deputy Secretary of Defense in the first Nixon Administration. Packard died in 1996.

    In addition to their technological innovations, Hewlett and Packard are both recognized for their service to people and the community—as philanthropists and for their management ethics, which fostered creativity and offered employees a range of benefits.

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    "戴維和我認為從一開始, 發明是我們的社區的命脈。我們設法開發鼓勵創造性和創新的大氣, "評論了威廉Hewlett, 1995 Lemelson 麻省理工學院終身成就獎的co 接收者與大衛Packard 。Hewlett-Packard Company, Hewlett 和Packard 的共同創立者改變了技術前景以他們的發明和創新在計算領域。

    Hewlett 和Packard 首先遇見當本科生在在帕洛阿爾托的斯坦福大學, Calif 。在畢業以後, 1934 年Hewlett 去麻省理工學院贏得一個碩士學位在電機工程, 當Packard 運作在通用電器。在這些追求以後, 返回到Stanford—Hewlett 接受他的程度工程師和Packard 開始同伴關係。在這時間期間, 二被鼓勵對技術社區的基礎貢獻在帕洛阿爾托地區, 今天以硅谷著名。

    1939 年Hewlett 和Packard 建立了他們的企業在Packard 的車庫, 和決定了他們的公司名稱以硬幣toss—the 結果是Hewlett Packard Company 。他們的第一個產品是抵抗容量音像擺動器, 根據Hewlett 的畢業生工作, 華特・迪斯尼演播室被購買導致 幻想曲。

    多年來, 公司生長了和趕過了它的競爭通過技術革新。在它的最著名的成就之中是高速頻率計數器(1951)—used 由電臺符合FCC 要求; 銫射線標準時鐘(1964)—which 規定國際時間標準; 第一桌面計算器(1968 年;) 第一科學手扶的計算器(1972); 第一桌面主機(1982); 並且成功的HP Laserjet 印表機series—a 模範在產業。

    發起於Packard 的車庫與$538 名和二名雇員, Hewlett-Packard Company 轉變了成$25 十億事務與98,000 個雇員和辦公室在16 個國家。

    1913 年Hewlett 出生在安阿伯, Mich 。在他的義務以後作為陸軍將校在第二次世界大戰, Hewlett 擔當了(1964-1977) 總統並且首席執行官(1969-1978) Hewlett Packard Company, 在其它位置中, 結束作為Emeritus 主任。2001 年Hewlett 死了。

    負擔在鎮, Colo., 1912 年, Packard 擔當了Hewlett Packard Company (1947-1964 的) 總統, 除其它領導地位之外, 達到高潮與主席退休。1969 年, 他服務在國防部副部長在第一尼克森政府。1996 年Packard 死了。

    除他們的技術革新之外, Hewlett 和Packard 被認可為他們的服務人民和community—as 慈善家和為他們的管理概念, 促進創造性和提供雇員好處的範圍。


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