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The Riddle of Hizbullah

When is a terrorist not a terrorist? Ask the administration

NewsweekMarch 21 issue - The street party in Martyrs' Square had dwindled to a few stragglers. By early last week, the thousands of young Lebanese protesters who had gathered in downtown Beirut were temporarily heading home. Some locals derided the stylishly dressed, mostly secular crowd as "Gucci revolutionaries." Still, they had won a real victory. The protests increased international pressure on Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, who announced a partial withdrawal of the 14,000 Syrian troops in Lebanon—a big step after 30 years of covert manipulation and overt military occupation.

Within shouting distance of the square, however, the feel-good "Cedar Revolution" gave way to a more familiar kind of Arab uprising. Half a million angry Shiites, supporters of the Syrian regime, turned out, chanting, "Death to America! Death to Israel!" The counterprotest was the work of Hizbullah, the terrorist group that has become a potent voice in Lebanese politics. Many in the crowd had been bused in from distant villages. Poor and religious, the protesters came to show their devotion to Hizbullah, which some believe is the only thing protecting them from a U.S.-led "Zionist" plot to take over their land and culture.

Americans generally know Hizbullah as the organization that is blamed for attacks like the 1983 bombing that killed 241 Marines in Beirut. In Lebanon, however, the group is widely admired for its network of charities and social services. Hizbullah runs hospitals and orphanages and distributes food to the poor. Its popularity among the downtrodden has allowed it to branch out into mainstream politics. The group now holds 11 seats in Lebanon's Parliament and is expected to win many more in the upcoming May elections.

The party's popularity at home puts the Bush administration in a delicate spot. Not so long ago, George W. Bush vowed to hunt down terrorists and anyone who supports them. But the president's ambitious plan to spread democracy in the Middle East requires a far more nuanced approach than he, or his aides, are used to. Rule one: sometimes the best diplomacy is to hold your tongue. Last week The New York Times ran a story suggesting that the administration might reach out to Hizbullah. Asked about the report, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said U.S. policy toward the group hadn't changed. At the same time, though, she took pains to avoid calling Hizbullah a terrorist organization—although the State Department has officially labeled it that for years.

She held back for a reason. The administration's top priority in Lebanon is to get the Syrians out, so the democratic movement can take hold. The last thing the White House needs is to pick a fight with Hizbullah, which would only strengthen the hand of Lebanon's anti-U.S. radicals and their patrons in Syria and Iran. In the words of one senior administration official, last week's pro-Syria demonstrations were "a reminder that you don't screw around with Hizbullah as a political force in Lebanon."

Rice's careful words weren't the only sign of the administration's new approach. The White House is giving the United Nations a leading role in pushing for a Syrian pullout. Administration officials even admit they are following the advice of the French(!), who warn against focusing too much attention on Hizbullah. Still, it's a tricky job; some analysts worry that without Syria, Hizbullah may move closer to its other major sponsor, Iran.

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    一個恐怖分子不是一個恐怖分子什麼時候的Hizbullah的謎? 問管理NewsweekMarch 21 問題 - 在烈士的廣場的街道聚會已經縮小對一些掉隊者。 透過上周早些時候,已經聚集在商業區貝魯特的數千名年輕的黎巴嫩抗議者正臨時朝家走。 一些當地人嘲笑被時髦穿,作為"Gucci革命家的主要世俗的人群。 "仍然,他們已經贏得一次真正的勝利。 抗議增加國際對敘利亞的總統,巴沙爾‧阿爾‧阿薩德的壓力, 其在偷偷的操作和公開的軍事佔領30 年之后在黎巴嫩大的台階宣佈14,000敘利亞軍隊的部分撤回。 在大叫廣場的距離內,不過,感覺好"雪松革命"給一更熟悉種升起阿拉伯人讓路。 50萬忿怒的Shiites,敘利亞政體的支持者,變成,唱,"對美國的死﹗ 對以色列的死﹗ "counterprotest是Hizbullah,已經在黎巴嫩政治上成為一種有力的聲音的恐怖組織的工作。 在人群裡的很多是在從遠的村莊的bused。 貧窮和宗教, 那些抗議者來表現他們對Hizbullah的熱愛, 一些相信哪個是保護他們以防一個美國領導的"猶太複國主義者"的唯一的事情密謀接管他們的土地和文化。 美國人一般知道作為為攻擊負責任象1983轟炸殺死241名海軍陸戰隊士兵在貝魯特內一樣的組織的Hizbullah。 在黎巴嫩,不過,組被廣泛地為它的慈善機構和社會服務的網路欣賞。 Hizbullah 運轉醫院和育幼院並且將食品分發給窮人。 在受壓迫中的它的流行已經允許它發展進主流政治。 那些組現下舉行議會黎巴嫩11個位子並且預計用即將到來贏得更多選舉。 聚會的流行在家把布希政府放進一個精美的點。 很久以前沒有,喬治W。 布希發願追捕恐怖分子和支持他們的任何人。 但是傳播民主的總統的有雄心的計畫在中東比他或者他的助手需要一種更有細微差別的方法,習慣于。 管理一個︰ 有時最好的外交將保持沈默。 上周紐約時報營運表明管理部門可以伸手拿Hizbullah的一個故事。 詢問關於報告,康多莉扎‧賴斯國務卿說對組的美國政策沒改變。 同時,不過,她下功夫避免叫Hizbullah為恐怖分子organizationlthough政務院已經官方稱它為那多年。 她由於一原因退縮。 在黎巴嫩的管理的最優先權是放出那些敘利亞人,因此民主的運動能控制。 最後事情白宮需要 將與Hizbullah找碴兒打架,這只將加強黎巴嫩的反美國的激進主義者和在敘利亞和伊芳朗的他們的贊助人的手。 用一高級政府官員的話說,上周的支持敘利亞遊行示威"一個提示物, 你不作為在黎巴嫩的一種政治力量用Hizbullah 胡混。 "大米的仔細的話不是這種管理部門的新方法的唯一的跡象。 白宮在一再強烈要求敘利亞撤軍過程中正給聯合國一個主要角色。 甚至的政府官員承認他們是遵循的那些建議的法蘭西人的(﹗) ,其告誡大家不要使太多注意聚焦在Hizbullah上。 仍然,它是一個詭計多端的工作; 一些分析家擔心沒有敘利亞,Hizbullah 可以更接近于它的其他主要的發起人,伊芳朗移動。


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    Please refer to below warehouse audit schedule and agenda in March 25th for your reference. Please have your contract warehouse to cover the content of below items in advance and have their presentation in English version. Any questions, please let me know. Thank you!


    14:00-16:30 @Taoyuan


    Linde GGCE: Kazuya Inoue, Derek Wu, Mike Dever, Vicki Chang(Taiwan)

    BDP: May Ho, Sam Chiu

    AGENDA (2.5hrs)

    1. Warehouse Presentation i.e. Company profile, the qualified certificates/licenses , Training plan/course...etc.,

    2. On-site warehouse safety/security facilities inspection

    3. Q & A

    CHECKLIST and sample questions

    Regulatory Compliance

    i.e. Demonstrate awareness of and compliance with external regulations

    i.e. DG operation license

    Qualification and Competency

    i.e. Demonstrate that their personnel hold the relevant licences/certificates, e.g. driving licences, welding codes, lifting, rigging, scaffolding etc


    i.e. Appropriate levels of insurance coverage

    Warehouse Activities. i.e. vehicles, fork lift truck, fire sprinkler heads, trolleys/carts, loading/unloading, storage

    i.e. Are vehicles parked only in designated areas?

    Warehouse Management

    i.e.Are risk assessments in place for all hazardous materials that are handled?

    i.e.Do management ensure that equipment is suitable for its intended purpose and safe to use?

    Warehouse Work Environment

    i.e. Do dock levellers have means of preventing trapping?

    Emergency Preparedness

    i.e.Is there a emergency preparedness plan with trained people?

    Hazardous Materials handling

    i.e. Verify qualified certificates/licenses


    i.e.Management of Driver Training

    i.e.Driver Recruitment, Assessment & Selection

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