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    He/she is at the other line.

    He/she is in the bethroom.

    He/she is in the shower.

    He/she is taking a nape.

    He/she has a visitor right now.

    He/she just steps out.

    He/she is underweather.

    He/she is sick/ill.

    He/she is asleep.

    He/she is already in bed.

    He/she doesn't feel too good.

    He/she is in the gym. (exercise)

    He/she went to the store.

    He/she went to movies.

    He/she went shopping.

    He/she is at school.

    He/she is working overtime.

    Whatever you want to say. I think "asleep" or in the shower, in the bethroom is the best excuse.

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    直接說:sorry, but you have a wrong number不就好了嗎?

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  • 2 0 年前

    Her line is engaged(她的電話在線)

    I'm afraid he isn't here right now(我想他現在不在吧)

    He's just stepped out(他剛出去了)

    She's not at her desk(她現在不在位置上)

    He's tied up at the moment(他現在忙得不可開交) C

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