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The bridge "collapsed" under the weight of the heavy truck.

(A)gave up (B)gave off

(C)gave over (D)gave in


但是give in



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    2 0 年前

    根據英文韋氏辭典, collapse的意思有以下幾種:

    Main Entry: 1col·lapse

    Pronunciation: k&-'laps

    Function: verb

    Inflected Form(s): col·lapsed; col·laps·ing

    Etymology: Latin collapsus, past participle of collabi, from com- + labi to fall, slide -- more at SLEEP

    intransitive senses

    1 : to fall or shrink together abruptly and completely : fall into a jumbled or flattened mass through the force of external pressure <a blood vessel that collapsed>

    2 : to break down completely : DISINTEGRATE <his case had collapsed in a mass of legal wreckage -- Erle Stanley Gardner>

    3 : to cave or fall in or give way

    4 : to suddenly lose force, significance, effectiveness, or worth

    5 : to break down in vital energy, stamina, or self-control through exhaustion or disease; especially : to fall helpless or unconscious

    6 : to fold down into a more compact shape <a chair that collapses>

    所以根據3, collapse 可以等同 fall in 及 give way的意思, 較接近 give in, 這裡解作"坍塌"

    參考資料: 英文韋氏辭典& 自己
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    2 0 年前


    n. ( 名詞 noun )

    1. 【事】 瓦解,塌陷;(政府)倒台;(銀行等)倒閉;陷落;(希望)破滅;(計畫等)失敗;衰竭

    2. 【事】 【醫】 虛脫

    3. 【事】 意志消沉;摺疊

    vi. ( 不及物動詞 intransitive verb )

    1. 倒塌,崩潰;陷落;瓦解;沮喪;洩氣;(談判等)破裂;衰弱;摺疊

    2. (肺、血管等)萎陷

    vt. ( 及物動詞 transitive verb )

    1. 使倒坍,使崩潰;(桌子等)摺起;使(肺、血管等)萎陷

    投降 -gave up

    發出 -gave off

    託付 -gave over

    屈服 -gave in

    我選A or D

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    2 0 年前

    give up 是放棄吧!

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  • 2 0 年前

    give up才是投降..

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  • 匿名使用者
    2 0 年前

    Maybe it can mean to ''fall down''! I guess...

    參考資料: Myself
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