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stilllife 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 2 0 年前


有哪為看過Geoffrey Chaucer的The Canterbury Tales?



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  • 2 0 年前

    it's about different stories of people going to canterbury for pilgramage...i listed the MAIN IMPORTANT characters here, these are probably the most important characteristics of u want the whole story, it's better to just check up on pinkmonkey Characters

    - knight-chivalrous- brave/ truth/ courtesy, fought in lots of battles, Christian (Catholic?), true and perfect gentle knight, high ranked general, not vain but humble, rich, not gaily dress (no pretension), fine equipment/ horse, wise, modest, fustian tunic, thankful, faithful, distinguished man

    - squire- son of knight, 20 yrs., moderate length, curly locks, wonderful agility (quick mind) and strength, cavalry (troop), win lady’s grace, singing and fluting all day, long wide sleeve gowns, make songs and poems, joust and dance, draw and write

    - yeoman- attendant, hood of green, neatly dressed, had arrows, never used them, head like nut, brown face, know woodcraft, graceful, dagger, worse a medal

    -nun- sly, pretends to be innocent, can’t sing, think she’s in higher society, tires to speak French but can’t, table manners, putting on a show, cared from animal, elegant pose, small, soft mouth, looks like she’d fit in, big forehead (9 in.- intelligence), big and fat

    - monk- not stereotypical monk (shaved head, robe, poor, books), out hunting/ rebellious, put aside old rules, well-off/ nice horse, personal with other people, no physical labor, special

    -friar- jolly and merry, well-spoken, mellow and good speech, important in his order, loved by everyone, pinks and pocket knives to pretty girls, matchmaker, musical-ish, nice voice and sing well, drink a log, good beggar, knows tavern, eyes twinkle, trusted with confessions and easy on confessors

    -merchant- forking beard, dress beaver hat, boots, solemn tones, expert at currency change, in debt, negotiation, loan, bargain, commercial obligation, no name

    -sergeant at the law- wise sayings (Justice of Assize), busy man, knew every judgment and all about law, exact (no one can find his mistakes), parti-colored coat

    -Franklin- wealth landowner, white beard, morning cake in wine, happiness was most important, food, food, food, member of shire, model among gentry

    -Doctor- knew all about medicine, surgery, interested in astronomy, knew all humors and right time for surgery, natural magic, practicing physician, prescribe drugs, knew Esculapus, no Bible, special love for gold

    - Parson- minister, poor but in that work, knowledgeable, diligent/ helpful without reward, patient, give and no receive, content, holy and virtuous, humble and works for God, takes care of his sheep

    - Miller- 224 pounds, board, knotty, short shouldered, boast about everything, red beard, wart on nose, master genius thumb

    hope this helps, it's not the most detailed thing...but it's a basic outline of things

    參考資料: me
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    2 0 年前

    Go to looking for "Canterbury Tale" it will tell you what is this book about plus detail summary, also outline each tale in plain english. The book was written in old english form even American high school students read english translation. Good luck!

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    你連Cliff Notes都懶的看嗎?就不怕你們老師在這裏抓請別人寫作業的同學?

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