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  • KS
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    2 0 年前

    Lending a helping hand to people who are in need, is doing a good deed. As a person living in our society, i feel i should do my part to help those who are in need. For example, helping an old lady to carry her bags so that she can walk through the gantry at the MRT station, giving up seats to elderly people,...etc. This little deeds may be insignificant, but it may be of great help to the people at that moment, and they will truely appreciate it.

    I believe human beings should help one another to make this world a better place. When you help someone, they thank you, and you will feel glad that you have done a meaningful deed. It is a win-win situation, it makes both parties happy for the rest of that day. Since everyone stands to benefit from such a situation, good deeds should be done more often.

    What goes around comes around. There will be one day when i need help from others These people may range from close friends to strangers. For example, if i happen to fall into a pit one day, and some strangers happen to pass by, i would have to depend on them for help to pull me out of the pit. The saying 'what goes around, comes around' may not be exactly true, but then again, it might just be.

    參考資料: Hope my content is different from what you already have. :)
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