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Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Sese Amman,the manager of a prime bank in Africa.

I do not know you and you do not know me but for

reasons which will become obvious to you as you read on, I

obtained Your email address from an Internet address listing

hoping and Believing that you will be trustworthy,reliable

and willing to assist Me.

Please Sir,exercise some patience while you read through my message.

I have a very urgent and confidential business

proposition for you. On June 6th 1999, an

Engineer/Consultant/Contractor with a big and

Influential Multi national Oil Company and a foreigner

here made a time deposit in a bank Which I am

presently the Manager. He did not declare any next of

kin in his application paper. The money is very big

and no one knows the source of this money because

apparently the time frame of his employment with the

company here in Africa does indeed preclude such a

large amount of money.It can be assumed that he

brought his money over from his country or previous

place of work but that is open to speculation.

However,the point is that he is dead and his employers

are not aware Of this money,and therefore it can be

safely assumed that no one will ever come forward to

claim this money, he died in 2002. The total sum

(inclusive of accrued interests) is still sitting in

my Bank in the Dormant Account Portfolio. No one will

ever come forward to claim it now or in the future and

according to our banking laws, after 5 years, the money

will automatically revert to the Government

Treasury if the Account owner is a foreigner and is

certified dead but with you a foreigner applying for

the transfer of this fund to your nominated account

anywhere in the world and all documents backing the

transfer legally secured and there is certification

that the funds being transferred are from non-criminal

sources we will have no problems. In short this will

be a proper and legal money transfer and there will be

no related risk!

We will have to process the initial paperwork to

obtain approval from the Probate Registry (Ministry of

Justice) and obtain the Letter of Administration

empowering you as Sole trustee/executor to the

deceased Estate after which I will use my position and

influence in the bank to effect speedy onward transfer of

this money from our bank to your nominated account. If you

therefore agree to be the official Beneficiary, then please

note that you will be required to avail me with a bank account

(a bank account with zero Credit Balance is ok). Your address,

phone and fax,full name and brief background information

on you (CV).

As soon as I receive a positive response on your

willingness to assist me then I will initiate the

processing of the transfer and in about 7 working days

the money will be in your nominated bank account for

us to share in the ratio of 60% for me and 40% for


This transaction is guaranteed to success without any

problems. If you agree to assist me by sending me the

above requested Information, I will give you my

complete address, including phone/ fax etc and any

further clarifications you may require.

Looking forward to your urgent reply.



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    我是西斯 阿曼, 一個非洲主要銀行的經理。你我並不相識但是我從郵件列表挑選出你,我希望也相信你是可靠並且願協助我的人。先生麻煩您耐心地讀完我的信件。

    我有一個緊急的商業提議要跟你討論。在1999 年6月6 日, 與一家跨國大石油公司和外國人這裡存了定存,當時我是銀行裡的經理。他並沒有在他的申請書裡宣稱什麼特殊條款。金額非常大且來源不明,而且他所屬的非洲分公司也並沒有阻止這樣大金額的存款。我大膽猜這是從之前工作的地方或公司帶出來。

    但是, 重點是他2002年死了,他的公司沒有發現這筆錢, 可以大膽安全地假設, 應該沒人會出面來領取這筆錢。總和(包含待付利息) 在我的銀行中仍然坐在凍結帳戶資料。假如帳戶所有是外國人且已死的話,五年之後如果都沒有人出面領取它,根據我們的銀行法這筆錢自動轉入政府所有。但當所有文件確認,以及這筆錢是乾淨的話,以您外國人身分申請將這筆錢轉到您指定的世界上任何地方的帳戶。簡單的說,這將是一筆乾淨合法的轉帳,沒有任何相關的風險!

    我們將必須處理遺囑(司法部) 文書工作,並且獲得您作為專業遺產委託人的授權文件;之後我將使用我在銀行裡的影響力加快速度將錢轉到您指定的帳戶去。如果您同意作為是正式受益人, 然後註明, 再請您提供一個銀行帳號(沒有存款的帳戶也沒關係) 。您的地址、電話和傳真、全名和您個人簡要背景資訊(CV) 。

    當我收到您的自願協助的正面回覆後,我就會開始處理將錢轉到你指定的帳戶,大概要7 個工作日之後,我們就會一起分享60%屬於我而40%屬於你的數目。

    這件事絕對沒有問題。如果您同意協助我,請寄給我以上請求您提供的資訊, 我將給您任何你需要的我的地址、電話、傳真等。



    西斯 阿曼

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    哈, 這類的信我接過好幾次了, 一開始還有點信以為真, 但現在: 刪!!!


    他從網路郵件名單選中你, 因為您是位值得信賴的人喔,

    因為銀行裡有一位非常有錢的外國客戶死了, 留下一大筆錢在戶頭裡沒人知道, 但因為客戶是外國人, 依照法律若其死後五年內沒人來領, 錢錢就要歸於國庫, 除非能提供國外指定帳戶轉帳出去, 所以問你有沒有興趣跟他一起合作來提領這筆錢阿.

    有的話要盡快把你的銀行資料, 您的全名, 電話, 傳真, 住址和背景資料回傳給他, 七個工作天之內錢錢就會撥到您的戶頭, 但要和他六四平分, 他六你四啦, 這樣瞭解嗎?

    來信屬名者 Sese Amman先生

    如果這不是一份作業, 真的勸您不要花任何心思在這上面, 這只是一種詐騙手法罷了....

    參考資料: ME
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    你要小心 這聽起來像是一個騙局 建議你不要理他 之前聽過類似的騙局 世界上沒有這麼好的事