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    I grew up in an ordinary family. From high school until university, I have always been interested in information technology. However, I have developed an interest for national business in unversity. As a result, I changed my path and chose to study business as an elective. In the school wide competition, my group and I proudly received first place, and our project was proudly prsented in Taina's Technology Fair in 1999. We also helped to mechanicalize a small business in Tainan. From these experience, I have learned to work cooperatively with others.

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    ^^ hee hee 3Q Ivy and yes i live in canada

    參考資料: live in canada de experience ^^ ~ hope this helps ya
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    國際企業管理=International business management


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    第二個比較好 比較正確

    因為健全的家庭 沒有人說Healthy family吧

    #2 你住加拿大哪阿??

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    I was born in a healthy and normal family. I studied Information Technology in a professional institution as well as in the university. During my time of study, I grew an interest in international trade, so I also minored in International Financial Business in school. During a competition before our graduation, my teammates and I had won the first prize, and because of that we helped developed a automated systems for a small enterprise during the 1999 InfoTech Exhibition in Tainan. From that experience, I learned a lot about teamwork.

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    我只不過是很無聊的他寫什麼就翻什麼 :p 我當然知道healthy family is rarely used...

    可是中文也很少人在自介用健全的家庭吧 =.=

    參考資料: moi
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