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    A beautiful and touching story. Blended with radiance and desolation. Parts that are ordinary yet precious, shows the reality and its cruel side. Most stories, regarding the earlier times in Taiwan, give us a faint familiarity.

    Lu-Bin-Whua is a non-fiction movie which relflects the earlier life in Taiwan. All of the characters' personalities, and the plot of the movie, are events whcih we are closely connected to. It is not the tragedies nor the love stories that won the tears of the audience. The stories of our land, our bond with the country, and the sad reality about our society, are the ones which received the crowd's attention. These are the stories of joy and frustration. This is life. Lu-Bin-Whua may appear to be an out-dated movie to today's teens, but it truly shows us the real colours of our country, and gives us a new point of view about life.

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    3q but i still have lots to learn

    參考資料: live in canada de experience ^^ ~hope this helps
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