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拜託 !!可否會翻成英文的,幫我翻看看,謝謝


我喜歡這個網站的原因有3點 :

4 ‧可利用資料庫的搜尋功能,書籍歸類完整搜尋容易

5 ‧營業時間24小時,具有相當大的方便性

6 ‧商品多樣化

建議 :

1 ‧建構二手書的交易平台

2 ‧進駐大陸市場

3 ‧利用資料庫優勢進入B2B市場



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    博客來is a great online-books-information station, it majorly provide the customers about 50 famous book publisher,approximately

    200,000 detailed information about books, and you can also enjoy the convenience of book those books you want online.

    There are 3 main reasons which make me love this website:

    1.Able to use the "search" function from the database, all the books are arranged perfectly so it is easy to search.

    2.It opens 24hours a day, it has a great convenience.

    3.There are variegated production.


    1. Create a place for the trading of second-hand books.

    2. Enter the Main land China's local market.

    3. Use the database advantage to enter the B2B market.

    參考資料: myself. It is not perfect,but i hope this will help you.
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    The abundant guest comes is similar super large-scale sells the field

    the network book news service station, mainly provides the consumer 50

    well-known publishing houses, 20 ten thousand book detailed 細書

    news, and may enjoy directly brushes the card in the network to buy

    the book the convenience.

    I like this website the reason having 3.:

    4 • may use the information bank the search function, the books

    classification integrity search is easy

    5 • business hours 24 hours, have the quite big convenience

    6 • commodities diversifications


    1 • constructs constructs two handwritten letters the transaction


    2 • enters and is stationed in the mainland market

    3 • enters the B2B market using the information bank


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