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Persuasive Speech.題目


題目的重點是要說服聽眾,聽眾越不會被說服的題目越好^ ^


Thank you a lot!

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    1. should Cloning be legalized?

    2. no more massive destruction weapons should be developed

    3. no freedom of speech

    4. death penaty should be legalized in every country

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    1. Is Taiwan part of China?

    2. Are men stronger than women?

    3. You have to be rich to help more people!

    4. You must get a higher degree to get a good job.

    5. Chinese food is the best meal around the world.

    6. Taiwan will be taken over by China by 2008.

    7. Taiwan will become a poor country like Philipines.

    8. Pretty women can easily have a career.