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2. 教育訓練



*當員工在國被發現了新的事物(例如在紐約的第五大道找到了新的靈惑)不 論多遠一定馬上小組討論。


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  • 2 0 年前

    1.Thoroughfare(the allotment that swim up and down)

    Some sell well the field for the sake of the existence,have to pay attention to the reality,the purchase is subjected to the pressure,requesting the supplier to bigger fold the ancient time,a the layer a layer exploits,everyone cans not stands finally,having to be subjected to pull the high list price,passing on to the consumer.Fortunately,the advantage that lives the workshop is up,the downstream integral whole models,will not take place the deterioration competition between this kind of thoroughfares.

    2. Training

    *Becoming is to stay around a quiet to order,a enterprise has to keep on the irrigation,want to infuse into the new nutrient constantly,can maintain the prosperous vitality,let it become an organic life body

    *The living workshop spends every year be going abroad investigation and travelling expenseses all nearly the ten million

    *When the employee is found the new thing(for example found out to work properly to delude lately in the fifth way of New York) to do not talk about in the country how far certainly right away group discussion.

    *The end of April of 2002,the general manager leads the gift big exhibition that most employees go to Hong Kong to investigate

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