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hold out

hold off

hold over

hold up


知道其他相關用法也可補充 謝謝!!

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  • 2 0 年前

    1. Hold out :

    A. 伸出身體的某一部份

    She helds out her hand. (她身出手)

    B. 繼續供應

    The water supply will hold out only until tomorrow night.

    ( 自來水的供應只能撐到明晚為止。)

    C. 繼續抵抗、不放棄

    We managed to hold out for three days against the enemy.

    ( 我們奮力抵抗敵人不退卻達三日之久。)

    D. 堅持某一立場到 ......為止

    The union held out for a 6% raise. (工會堅持百分之六的加薪。)

    2. Hold off :

    A. 暫時不做....事情

    It might be wise to hold off making any decisions until after the results

    come out. ( 在結果出來前,勿輕舉妄動才是明智之舉。)

    B. 抵抗

    A handful of soldiers held off several enemy attacks.

    ( 一群士兵抗拒了敵人數波的攻勢 )

    C. 沒有發生

    The rain held off, and the barbecue went ahead as planned.

    ( 風雨暫歇,烤肉得以照常舉行。)

    3. Hold over

    A. 延期

    The wedding ceremony was held over for unknown reasons.

    ( 婚禮因不為人知之原因而延期。)

    B. 不讓某人忘記某事

    You're not going to keep holding that over me, are you?

    ( 你不會那壺不開提那壺吧?)

    4. Hold up

    A. 造成延遲

    I was held up in the traffrice. (我陷在車陣中結果遲到了。)

    B. 搶劫

    The gunman held up the bank. (一個槍手搶劫了銀行。)

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